Fan Favorites For the NBA Finals

Last year saw the lowest win rate for home teams in NBA history. The only big difference between that season and prior ones? The audience attendance was non-existent or at minimal capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. Was it pure coincidence or are the fans a big factor in teams winning home games?

If fans are the reason, what does that mean for the NBA Finals which will probably see a full attendance?

The NBA Finals and Fans

Probably the most interesting statistic in the finals comes from Game 1 and Game 7. The home side wins about 80% of the two games. These two games also happen to have the most support by fans than any other games in the season. An overwhelming amount of home fans show up for these games.

These games are conceded the most anticipated and in the 19 Game 1 and Game 7s that were played at home 15 were won and only 4 were lost. This is an insane number to consider. It is pretty hard to bet against the home side in these games and teams will often put their most effort into the other games if they are playing at home. The impact of winning was reduced in 2013 with the format change. Bringing the win rate for the favorites down to 61%, but the first and last games of the Playoffs have not changed.

What Goes on During the Rest of the Season

Although the rest of the season does not have such a high imbalance statistically, there are some stats that are worth noting.

Teams who play home games have a 57% chance of winning during the normal season. During the years 1999 and 2008, this percentage was slightly higher at 61%. If the support in the crowd is anything to go by, one can simply look at how many home fans are in the stadium and place bets accordingly. The number of home fans in the crowd tends to vary from game to game.

The 57% number has not changed much and has remained the same over the last five years. Teams will look at these statistics and will bench players accordingly. Looking to increase their chances of playing home games in the Finals.

A rather odd statistic is how well teams perform after winning their first game. Teams who win their first game tend to have a good season. So much so, that there tends to also be a large turnout of fans for teams playing their first game of the season.


There is a clear correlation between home games, fan's support, and winning games. If you are looking at betting on games these may be some of the most important aspects of the NBA to wager on, especially during the playoffs. Although the trends have changed every 10 years or so, the overall idea of betting on the home side persists.

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