Field Hockey For Beginners

When it comes to defining the oldest and most spread sports, people often think about football. In reality, field hockey is one of the greatest nominees for the title. It definitely has a long history of ups and downs, adjustments, and modifications. The number of its fans may be not as impressive as in the case of ice hockey and basketball, but that doesn't mean it is less interesting and exciting.

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History of Field Hockey

Overall, this sport is popularized in more than one hundred countries in the world. The list of its most active supporters includes Australia, India, New Zealand, and several other lands. In fact, it is the second largest team discipline. It welcomes both amateurs and professional athletes, making this activity sought-after by people of different ages.

Field hockey takes its origin back to the Greek classical epoch. So far, it has proven its welcoming abilities. The ratio of women's and men's teams isn't that drastic as in basketball or football. Myriads of modern educational establishments such as universities and colleagues can boast of having their own field hockey team.

The British Isles are the father of the modern version of field hockey -- that is where it was established. The first official club was established there back in 1861. Since then, the game has gained its powers and conquered people's attention from Aussies to Canadians. It was introduced at the Olympics, too, starting from 1908.

Originally, it was a sport for males, but the situation has changed dramatically over time. At the moment, teams develop their skills in field hockey to participate in World Cups and other international championships.

Key Peculiarities of Field Hockey

Given the structure and rules of field hockey, it is frequently perceived as a mix of soccer and ice hockey. The medium is traditional for the first sport, while the necessary equipment is widely used in the second one. The event takes place on a grass field or its alternatives -- artificial surfaces in gyms. So it can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Two squads compete to score as many points as possible. They use special hockey sticks to get a ball in the rival's gate. By other means, more resemblance goes for football. In general, teams consist of 16 players with eleven members being on the field. The terminology is also alike since the playing roles coincide. Here members perform as goalkeepers, defenders, forwards, and midfielders.

The pace is fast, so players have to be specialized in both defense and offense tactics. Without a doubt, if you are on the hunt for endorphins and leading a healthy lifestyle, field hockey is a wonderful option. Theoretical knowledge is verified in practice right away.

Every position features its own suite of skills. Switching between the roles, players get a better understanding of the game's structure and behavior impulses during the match. At the same time, learning about different roles in field hockey helps make the final decision about what responsibilities and practices suit your talents more. Firstly, the initial formations are defined by trainers, but the overall picture can be modified at any time.


What is the best field hockey team?

If you are trying to figure out what team is professionally considered the best of the best, it would be data to stick to official data. One of the trustworthy sources is the FIH World Rankings. Enthusiasts can easily get to know about the prominent stars among men's and women's national squads. At the moment, the top five places are occupied by the Netherlands, England, Argentina, Australia, and Germany.

How long is the field hockey game duration?

The game lasts seventy minutes, consisting of two equal periods. There is a short break between them. Usually, it is around seven minutes, if there are no outer requirements to change this rule.

What field hockey teams stand out?

If you are searching for new impressions and experiences, it is highly recommended to track the matches of such teams, as the Kookaburras (the Australia men's national field hockey team), the Boston College Eagles, the Denmark men's national field hockey team, and the Canadian Women's National Team.

The Final Verdict

Sports are always about self-development, and field hockey is a great way to increase your abilities -- teamwork, brain chemistry, fast reflexes, quick thinking, and physical strength. Its competitions are interesting to track, especially during major events like the Olympics. It may seem as a niche sports discipline, but it has an unusually long history and will definitely contribute to the development of sports in the future. More teams will be established, and the world hall of fame will be complemented by skilled and talented athletes even more.

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