Games For Golf Fans

While it is a lovely idea that we can spend all our days on the green, sometimes that is just not possible. Work, family life and even the weather can limit the putting time, and if you prefer to watch, then you will find that sadly there is not always golf available. However, if you are after other golf-themed pursuits, then you might want to try some of these that allow you to indulge your passion without leaving the house.

Powerstar Golf (Xbox)

If the kids have an Xbox, then you might want to consider hijacking it for a round or two of Powerstar Golf. Presented in an arcade style with cartoon-like graphics this is a game that does not take itself too seriously, but the really great news is that it is free to play. It might not have the look and feel of a professional green, but it is not easy. You do need to learn the skill of the controller to get that all-important hole-in-one, so you will need plenty of practice. Being free functionality is more limited than a paid version, but there is still a lot going on and plenty to keep you entertained on a rainy afternoon.

Office Putting Green

No workplace is complete without its very own putting green, especially if there are golf fans around. It is essential to get up and move around when you have a desk job, and this is the perfect way to break up the day. Stretch your legs and have a go at hitting what is, to be very fair, a short hole-in-one, but still, this is a great stress reliever, and it also gives you some putting practice. You can even use your own clubs if you want to hone your game while you play. There are various "greens" available, some featuring a gentle slope, some with one hole, and others with three, all you have to do is decide which one you fancy.

Golf Dice

A bit of a different approach with no clubs in sight, just a set of five dice that enable you to play a game of golf anywhere, any time. All the fun of the real golf course has been included, and you have par and distance to holes, etc. Of course, this is rather a game of chance rather than skill, but it is a bit of fun and a great way to help younger golfers get familiar with the terminology. Great fun for all the family and easy to sort and carry, this is a lovely idea for any golfing fan.

Golfing Slots

Slot games are popular, and there are many different sports based slots out there including golf themed ones. At, you will find a comprehensive list of New Jersey legal providers and where to find golf slot games. With excellent graphics and lots of famous faces making an appearance, these games are great if you haven't time to hit the green for yourself.

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