Gamstop and Tools to Block Gambling Sites

Gambling is supposed to be fun. Yet, every year, more and more people become addicted. Chasing after becoming rich can certainly feel addictive, and whether you win or lose, it can have an effect on you. In other words, losses make us want to try again, whereas wins definitely give us psychological encouragement to keep on doing what we are doing.

In this article, we discuss the ways that you can use to try and prevent yourself from being able to access gambling sites. What options do you have? Do these options really work? Where should you look for extra help? These are all questions that we will go through here.

Different ways to block gambling sites

When you feel like you are losing control of your gambling, it is a good idea to try and do something about it before things truly get out of hand. Whatever your situation, though, there is never a time where you could not do worse! Thus, it is extremely important to do what you can when you can to prevent greater harm.

Installing some blocking software on your computer, as well as your mobile phone and table, is a one way to try and make things better. There are several types of gambling-specific blocking software out there that can be of help, and some of them may even be free. Even so, it is always a good idea to do your research since there are many programs available that start off free of charge, but will still require you to pay for most of the so-called premium services.

One of the most effective blocking software would probably be Gamban, which can be used free for a full year and can be installed on three separate devices.

Gamestop is a tool for blocking UK casinos

For UK residents, Gamstop is the one tool to block all casino operators under the UK Gambling Commission license. Gamstop is, simply put, a scheme to block all casinos in one place, instead of having to visit numerous online casinos manually to do the same thing.

A big downside to the initiative is that there are casinos not connected to Gamestop, as it's only for the UK-licensed operators.

Do gambling blockers work?

The answer to this question would have to be both yes and no. Blocking software is designed to limit your gambling by identifying online casinos and other gambling sites and blocking your access to them. As mentioned above, services such as Gamban are pretty well-versed and experienced in blocking, but you still need to have them installed onto your device for them to actually work. Because of this, you still need to be motivated enough to go through the trouble, as well as want to get better yourself.

Where to look for additional help

While modern computer programs can definitely lend you a hand in overcoming addiction, it might be good to have other tools at the ready, as well. For instance, you may want to look into Gamstop, service that is designed to help you to self-exclude from every UK-licensed casino altogether. What is more, seeking help from a licensed psychiatrist is also another thing that can aid you on your quest to get better.

Finally, we recommend that you contact GamCare for toll-free support at 0808-8020-133. This will give you a good start as you will be dealing with people who already have years of experience in talking to those addicted to gambling. They have heard it all and will not be shaken by your plea for help.

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