Horse Racing Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

One of the many brilliant things about horse racing is that there are events taking place throughout the year and all over the world, so there's always something to watch, get excited about and bet on. If you're looking to gamble on horse racing, these are three tips you won't want to forget.

Do Your Research

Millions of people bet every year but just a small percentage of those people actually do their homework before selecting a horse to bet on. But this is a rookie error and one that could cost you if you're not careful. Even taking just a cursory glance at the racing program will increase your chances of being successful significantly. So, here's what to look for. Firstly, get some information on the race itself such as the requirements to enter the competition and the race's classification, as well as the kind of track available at that location.

Next, get some information about each of the horses competing and where their skills lie -- for example, some horses perform better on certain tracks or have improved significantly in the past year and therefore might be a better bet. Age, weight, and experience will all play a part, so these are factors to bear in mind when making your choice. Knowing which horses consistently wind up in the top three is usually a good indicator of who will be more likely to win the race, but also remember that every race is different, so don't base your decision solely on this.

Make Different Kinds of Bets

With horse racing comes a wide variety of betting types which can be used strategically if you know how. Fixed odds betting is the most common system for placing bets and means you stake a wager with a bookmaker who has established certain odds for that particular bet, ensuring your payout (if you win) is calculated on the amount you stake times the odds. So, if you place a £10 stake on odds of 5/1, you'll win £50 plus your stake, so you'll receive a payout of £60. Or you could also take some inspiration from today's ew racing tips, for a little help.

Pari-mutuel betting is also popular and means that the payout is calculated based on the pool of all stakes made for that bet -- the more people betting, the larger the pool and the higher the payout. It's a good idea to place different kinds of bets as this can increase your chances of success and each type of bet offers different pros and cons, which you can use to your advantage. In addition to betting on multiple horses, for example, you can also bet on numerous races which can have huge payouts if you're lucky.

Shop the Odds

An easy way to increase your overall payout is to shop the odds. This can be applied not just to horse racing bets but any type of betting. If you're using fixed odds, this provides you with the best value for money. However, remember that this doesn't work on pari-mutuel betting as there's no way of controlling the size of the pool. Once you know the horse or race you want to bet on, and the type of bet you're placing, you can shop the odds with different bookmakers and go with the option that gives you the highest chance of winning the most.

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