How Legal Sports Betting Will Impact NFL

Sports betting as a whole is at an exciting time in its history, what with several states introducing legal sports wagering legislation that is making the practice more common. And with football season just around the corner, this is the first football season where some bettors will have the chance to place bets in a legal setting. How will this legalization impact football betting in the upcoming year? The results will be rather interesting, to say the least.

More betting on local teams

One of the biggest trends to emerge from legalized sports betting has been the emergence of local fans betting on their hometown teams. One of the best examples of this was Super Bowl LIII, which saw New Englanders flock to Rhode Island to back the New England Patriots ahead of their showdown with the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots ended up winning that game and made those wagers pay off handsomely for locals in one of the first big games they had since Rhode Island opened its doors to sports bettors.

Las Vegas was another prime example during the first season of Vegas Golden Knights hockey, where the Knights attracted a ton of local action in Nevada and rewarded those bettors with a trip to the Stanley Cup Final. And the legalization of sports betting in Pennsylvania has attracted plenty of action on the Philadelphia Eagles, which has coincided with Philly making a run to the top of the National Football League.

As more and more states open up the possibility of legal sports betting, expect the trend of fans betting on their local teams to continue. The success of this will be interesting to monitor depending on which state is being looked at and how much money is being wagered in those areas where professional sports teams are around.

Better sense of community

Before the legalization of sports betting in many states across the U.S., sports bettors had a couple of choices. They could either travel to somewhere that betting was legal, or they could bet online or with a bookie. The first of those options required traveling and spending money to get somewhere, eating into a bettor's profits, while the other options were less desirable for obvious reasons. But with sports betting legalization taking hold, bettors will have the chance to foster a legitimate community at their local sportsbooks.

Take New York as an example. New York is set to legalize sports betting at four physical locations across the state. For bettors, this means that they will be able to go to an actual sportsbook and watch the events that they have wagered on with their fellow bettors instead of having to leave town to do so or bet in solitude. That creates for a much better, more social sports betting experience than was previously available, which will make sports betting more fun for all.

The evolution of sports betting in the United States is just getting started. And already there are some clear takeaways that have emerged. It is certain that more states will continue to legalize sports betting in the States, and more trends will emerge accordingly.

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