How to Make Money on NFL Betting

If you had to stop your average American in the street, and ask him what is the national sport, he would definitely mention American football. The sport is not your traditional football that we see on TV, and is a blend between ruby and soccer, and has been around for quite some time now. Would you believe it if we said that the first American Football match takes us back to November 6th, 1869? The game took place between Princeton and Rutgers, and the rest was history.

Fast forward to today, where all professional NFL players have extreme strength, speed, and also ample stamina, all traits that you need if you aspire to be an NFL player in the future The sport is very demanding, and tops the betting charts not only in the United States, but also worldwide. The NFL is deemed as the national sport of the United States, and we just love betting on it from afar. Other punters spread across the globe also appreciate American Football, and if you manage to master the art of betting on the NFL, you should expect a solid return for your betting money. Today, we look at some of the most common terms in the world of American Football and will give you some insight on the NFL and betting.

The NFL betting strategies explained

When we talk about NFL betting there are many terms that one needs to get acquainted with to successfully be able to bet with ease. Spread is the number of points that a team gets compared to the opponent. This is also known as a handicap. The term "covering the spread" is when the punter bets on a favorite team to win the game with more points than the spread. Another term used is called "beating the spread" and is exactly the opposite, meaning placing your money on the underdog team, the one that is not expected to win.

Let us give you an example to put you in the picture:

Oakland Raiders -15 -110
Minnesota Vikings +15 +110

If you opt to bet on the Oakland Raiders to win the match, the team should cover a solid 15-point spread (meaning winning by 16 or more points). This is the way that you can win money. If you are a punter that prefers betting on the Vikings, they would need to lose the match with fewer points than 14.

The NFL moneyline explained — The simplest bet of them all

This is potentially the simplest and the most bet used across the world when betting on American Football, and other sports. This bet is when you bet on a specific team to win the overall match. Will it be Team A or Team B, that is the moneyline next explained. This will obviously get you less money as opposed to betting on the amount of points a team will land, however, NFL bookmakers confirm that, this is the best bet on approach. However, if you manage an upset win with the underdog, you will land much more winnings.

First Quarter Lines

The first quarter is quite a simple bet, also. As NFL bookies explain, this is you betting on the score occurring in the first quarter only. Just to keep track of things, the odds are somehow a bit different to the complete match-offs, in some cases much different, so keep that in mind when placing your bets.

Half-Time Lines

An NFL betting guide is not complete without telling you about the half-time lines. Basically, it is the same as the above listed bet, but here you bet on what the score will be at halftime of the match itself. Some differences apply of course and this includes if the handicap is betting. If this spread is nearly halved, yet still offered at full match spread betting.

Total (Over/Under)

One of the simplest betting approaches and one that punters love is definitely the Over/Under bet. This is when you the gambler place a bet on a specific game of your choosing and you bet on the specific number of points that will be generated. Will it be over X amount or under the Y amount? The over and under bet is one that determines the score of both teams together and not just one team. Some NFL bookies also offer the Over/Under Bet for singular teams as opposed to the number combined for two teams/parties.

How to master the art of betting on American football parlays

We all love a bet here and there, we bet on specific teams, games and even players, but every now and then, we love to bet on more than one American football bet. This is what an American Football Parlay means, when you bet on more than one match, sometimes three or even more. When you opt for a parlay bet, you can enjoy a combined betslip that can include spread bets, moneyline, halftime bets, and even total bets) If you happen to bet on a lucky day and manage to land a win, you have options. You can claim your winning money, as the odds of chosen bets are multiplied. For you to land a profit from your bet, you would need to win all your bets that are listed in the parlay betslip. If, for example, you go for a 4-bet parlay and you miss with only one bet and win the other three, you will lose everything and also lose your betting amount.

NFL teasers explained

A teaser bet is also a bet that will see you have multiple bets. The NFL teaser is a group of straight bets (two or more) all combined in one single betslip. The bets will be individual lines that have been shifted in your favor by the accumulated number of points of each teaser. In total, if we have to look at the NFL and the teasers, there are three in total: a 6-point bet, a 6.5- point bet, and a 7-point teaser bet. Now let's see how this works, shall we? We know it might sound a bit complicated so let's make it simpler?

If we talk about the NFL 6-point teaser, the line bet is always shifted by 6 points always in favor of the bettors play. Let's draw an example for you. If let's say you wanted to place a bet on the Packers at -8, this would be translated to a Packers -2 bet as a teaser bet. The spread is always shifted 6 points, in this case from 8 points down to 2 points. If you prefer to bet on the Baltimore Ravens -2.5 during a 6-point teaser, the -2.5 line that would be converted to the Packers +3.5 points bet.

Future bets in American football — NFL future bets

When we talk about Future Bets during NFL season, this means you can bet at any time during the competition and also prior to the season starting. NFL online bookmakers seem to enjoy the future bet and they all compete to offer the best odds for punters. Will it be the Ravens, the Packers, the Jaguars, the Cowboys, The Patriots or any other football team? Of course, instant gratification is not an option here, as you would need to wait until the season is finished and complete to see if you have won or not.

If your NFL bet is a progressive one, it can be made on two different match games that start at different time intervals. You, the punter, will be able to place an amount you want on the first bet (based on the first game being played). If your bet is a winning one, all your winning amounts will be transferred automatically on the second match, the one game that is being played later.

The NFL must-know terms — Glossary

New to the NFL universe? We got you covered. After reading this NFL betting guide, you can safely say that you know all the slang, the terms, and also the array of words used in the NFL betting strategies. Once you master the below just like prepping for a school exam, you can confidently make it to NFL online bookmakers and bet with ease. So let's kick off this NFL lesson.

We have chosen the words that we feel are the terms mostly used in NFL betting strategies. After getting used to such terms, you can head over to your go to bookie and understand all the bets, choose the one you feel most confident with, and go all in for the win.

Against the Spread (ATS) — This bet is all about you betting against the betting line that is offered by your NFL bookmaker. Let's give you an example. A match is happening between the Cowboys and the Patriots with a spread standing at -6.5 points. You bet the ATS, when you opt to place your bet on the Cowboys to win the match or lose with more than 6 collective points.

American Odds — The American way is simply how odds are presented to you, also referred to as the moneyline odds (listed above). The odds will always display how much the punter will need to wager to win a generous $100.

Bullseye Bet — Not a bet for everyone, but if you manage to win this one, you take home a substantial win at times. The Bullseye Bet is a bet of not more and not less than $50.

Cover the Spread — If you are familiar with the "against the spread" the cover the spread is the exact opposite of that bet. This is when you place all your money betting on the favorite team to secure a win with more points that the game spread.

Dime Line — The dime line is the payout difference in odds between the money you would lay on the favorite win vs. the money you would secure if the underdog team sides.

Drifted Odds — Drifted odds are simply when an NFL bookmaker offers NFL odds that are heightening and getting stronger for a particular team.

Fin Bet — Sometimes called a banker add, this is a safe bet or a financial bet.

Getting Points — This term is referred to when the game odds are on the increase in the betting market.

Grand Bet — The grand bet is a term that describes a value bet, which is normally placed with a high betting amount.

Long-Shot — A friend might tell you, "it's a long-shot for you to win, mate." This is when you place all your money on the underdog winning, potentially hoping for an upset.

Official Line (aka the Last Vegas Line) — The official line is the lines for the NFL matches that are offered only by online bookmakers that are located in Nevada. This odds are sometimes different from the ones used by other online bookmakers.

Steam Movement — The steam movement is when an unexpected line movement happens a few minutes before the match kickoff.

Straight Up (SU) — A straight up is when a specific team takes home the win, regardless of what the point spread was.

Taking a Lot of Action — When used in NFL terms, this term is related to when the match underdog or the favorite gets a good number of bets by various punters.

Happy with the above? You are now equipped with all the knowledge on the NFL, betting strategies and also terms. Ready to make it to NFL online bookmakers and win big? This NFL betting guide has got you covered. Good luck.


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