How to Start Betting on the NHL

There are very few ways to make the NHL playoffs more exciting. The drama of the game is enough to enthrall millions of viewers every time the Stanley Cup is on the line, proving that there's still plenty of life in everyone's favorite North American sport yet. However, if you do want to make your NHL viewing experience more thrilling, you could always opt to place a bet or two on a game.

Sports betting — and especially betting on the NHL — is becoming more and more popular among aficionados and beginners alike. This is because, as well as the chance to win real cash (although that's never a guarantee, of course), sports betting can be an exciting and enjoyable way to supercharge your appreciation of a sport. Here's how you can get started betting on the NHL.

Pick a good platform

Sports betting is exciting, but only if you know where to go. Not every sports betting site is created equal; while some are reputable, fair, and friendly, others are simply fronts for scam operations, so it's very important to pick the right platform. Discover the best platforms and tips from BetCrazy.

Boost your knowledge about the sport

If you're going to embark on an NHL betting journey, then you need to know everything you possibly can about the sport. Past form will help you to predict potential future winners; sorting your early '80s New York Islanders dynasty from your early '90s Ottawa Senators is crucial for building a picture of where the game is today. Before you start betting, make sure you've watched a fair few games, read up on your fixtures and stats, and immersed yourself fully in the world of the NHL.

Know your different types of bet

It's not as simple as just saying, "I want to bet on the NHL." There are lots of different kinds of bets that bookmakers will offer, and they all pay out with different conditions. A simple money line bet revolves around picking the correct team to win, while a puck line or spread bet depends on one team scoring significantly more goals than the other. There are also player prop bets, total goal bets, and plenty more, so be sure you're up on your betting lingo before you begin.

Start small

Don't commit everything you have to your NHL betting journey. It might sound obvious, but you should go into NHL betting with a relatively small amount of money to start with, just to see if you get a taste for the pastime. Bankroll management is one of the most critical aspects of sports betting, so it's not just about how much you have, either; it's also about placing smaller bets often rather than huge, risky bets so that you can manage loss streaks if and when they do happen. You can also take advantage of free bets as a welcome bonus from many platforms.

Develop a strategy and look for trends

Like any other form of sports betting, placing bets on the NHL involves being on the lookout for trends among individual players and among teams as a whole. Are you noticing that certain teams score more often under some conditions than under others? Does a recent transfer improve or hinder a team's chances of reaching the finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs? Watching trends like this is how you form the backbone of your strategy, and while it won't work every time, it's still important not to just throw caution to the wind.

Don't be loyal

In your personal life, you can be a rabid fan of whichever hockey team you like, but when you're betting, you need to throw those allegiances out of the window. Loving a team naturally doesn't make them more or less likely to win or lose, so you need to use your analytical brain rather than your emotions when it comes to making decisions about who to back. Rooting for the underdog feels great when there's nothing at stake, but when you've placed money on the outcome of a game, pragmatism should beat idealism.

Practice first

While you're getting to grips with the ins and outs of NHL hockey, you should also practice your betting strategy. Don't place real money on the wagers just yet; instead, just keep a tally of how many times your strategy proves successful. Every time it doesn't, analyze exactly what you got wrong and tweak your strategy accordingly. By doing this, you'll be that much more ready when it comes time to place real money on your bets (if, of course, you decide to go that far!).

Try out live betting, as well

Live betting is an even more exciting and adrenaline-filled way to bet on the NHL than normal. As you've probably surmised, live betting involves play-by-play decision-making while the game is going on rather than predicting outcomes or goal lines. This results in bookies making adjustments to their odds as the game goes on, which means that if you notice something early in a game that nobody else does, you could exploit that knowledge in order to make some real money. It's riskier than regular betting, but it has the potential to pay out bigger, as well.

We hope this guide on how to get started betting on the NHL has proven useful. Do you have any insider tips to share? Are you planning to bet on the Stanley Cup? Let us know!

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