How Will the Texans Do Next Season?

Now that everyone has had a chance to look at college prospects for months, we're ready to talk about what each club may expect this season. Each of the eight clubs that finished bottom in their division in 2021, and people tend to forget about the teams who are in last place in the league because of all the attention that is focused on the top clubs in the league.

Hence, we decided to take a deeper look at the Houston Texans, and whether to involve them in your NFL football betting plans, since it is anticipated that they will complete the season with a lesser number of wins than the other teams.

An Analysis of the AFC South Competition

We are really getting into the meat and potatoes of this discussion as we are discussing a team that has just one player chosen for the Pro Bowl and has not been picked for either of the All-Pro teams over the course of the last two years combined. Even though it may have knocked out the AFC's top seed the previous season, the club that triumphs in the AFC South will likely have a record of nine or 10 victories.

1. Tennessee Titans

We must begin with the Tennessee Titans. To claim that a club that won 12 games during the regular season and defeated the number two and number three seeds, respectively, would all of a drastic drop-off and not repeat as division champions is a fairly strong statement to make. The betting markets, on the other hand, agree, placing the Indianapolis Colts as the present favorites to win the South division at odds of two to one. Currently, the dialing code for Tennessee is +170. Ryan Tannehill's 3 interceptions are likely to be a major factor in it. There is a good chance that the defense will not score 4 touchdowns again.

2. Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts has a good chance of winning the AFC South this season. These two games at the close of last season would have easily given them a playoff place after they looked like one of the NFL's hottest teams. Rather than Carson Wentz at the helm, they'll be stronger with Matt Ryan at the helm. This is a new season, and they need some players who haven't yet shown themselves to perform at a high level. At left tackle and right guard, they've essentially replaced seasoned players with untested rookies. When your team relies so heavily on the run and its offensive line, this is big news.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

2022 will be an exciting year for the Jaguars. There is only one way to move up after drafting number one overall in each of the previous two drafts, but they overspent on decent, not great players on the free market. When James Robinson tore his Achilles tendon on December 26, the team's best returning offensive player was expected to be out for the whole season. Although this new coaching staff is a significant improvement over the mayhem Urban Meyer brought in, most don't expect them to win more than six games in 2022.

In 2022, Are the Houston Texans Likely to Win the AFC South?

Though they don't seem to be the favorite in this debate, the Texans may be on the verge of a turnaround. Now that Deshaun Watson, the giant boulder chained to their leg, is no longer there, the Texans are bringing in some veterans to re-energize them. A record-breaking draft class was assembled by the Texans this summer. As many have speculated, Davis Mills may not be the team's long-term answer at quarterback. Not only will he do everything in his power to keep that position, but he also put in the best effort of any rookie quarterback last season, except for the Patriots' Mac Jones, even though five of the top-15 players were picked.

To prop him up, they traded back into the top 50 in the draft for Alabama's John Metchie III, one of the most pro-ready receivers. In addition, Kenyon Green of Texas A&M was acquired as a run-blocking guard. At the same time, Dameon Pierce of Florida was brought in as a hard-nosed runner. This year's team ended 2022 last in overall yards and yards per run, but with the help of veteran Marlon Mack, they can turn things around.

Justin Britt, Laremy Tunsil, and both leading guards have all returned from injury, bringing the total number of offensive line starters with a PFF grade of 60.0 or above to seven.

On defense, they added Derek Stingley, Jr., the third overall selection from LSU, who has the potential to be a genuine lockdown corner in the NFL. This gives the Texans more flexibility in their coverage of him.

The Texans have little chance of winning the division. Even if they fail to reach the playoffs, they might still surprise a lot of people by making a strong push.

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