Is Fly Fishing Becoming Popular?

Over the last few months more people are interested in fly fishing as a sport. Provided information shows that interest for fly fishing is growing in popularity. Although the growth refers to slow but steady, there is a lot of potential for fly fishing as a sport in the near future.

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Many statistics that covered the fly fishing topic make a bigger picture about the future plans. Believe it or not, women are leading the growth potential for the interest of this sport. In this article, we will guide you through the growth rate of fly fishing and how it impacts the U.S. economy.

The Growth Potential

This activity has never been the most popular type of fishing. Nevertheless, the fly fishing market has been consistently growing at a slow but steady pace. Only 2.8% of anglers say that their first fishing experience was going fly fishing. The Outdoor Foundation provided an interesting data which points that around eight million people go fly fishing every year.

However, over the last 10 years, fishing in general had been slowly declining in popularity. Back in 2017, there was a big influx of a few million new fishers. This spike gave a lot of hope for the fishing community.

On paper, 2-3 million people that try fishing may not seem like an impressive number, but you can bet that these fishermen and fisherwomen are going to stick around. Fly fishing isn't usually the first choice for newbies because it takes more time and practice to learn, but it is often the next step once you are more involved.

Women are a huge part of the fly-fishing growing percentage. They have become the fastest growing demographic in the sport and make up about 32% of all fly fishers.

Market Research

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) recently did a study on retailers in the fly fishing industry. The results provide a clear picture on this sport. Here are some fun facts you might find interesting.

- Total sales of all fly fishing products go under $750 million marking it as a niche within the fishing industry.
- Over half of the sales happen west of the Mississippi River, with the Rocky Mountain region leading with 32%.
- The bestselling products are flies. Other equipment such as hooks and baits participate with a slightly lower selling percentage.
- There are approximately 3.8 million fly anglers in the U.S according to license data from the U.S fish and Wildlife Service.
- Freshwater fishing represents 64% of the fly market, opposite from the 36% for saltwater. The market still spins around trout fishing.
- Over 80% of the products are still sold through land-based shops. The internet sales are not that popular among this target group of audience.

Why Should You Try Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is best known as the origins of fishing. There are many different techniques and strategies to try that do not include bait fishing. Many people that have tried fly fishing refer to their experience as exciting and thrilling. A very interesting aspect of this sport is how engaged and focused you must be. Sometimes you can be just a few feet away from the catch and if you are lucky, you can watch the whole experience unfold.

Those who invest the time and resources in this sport never regret it. It represents an exciting opportunity to be more in touch with nature, create memories with family, and challenge yourself out of your comfort zone.

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