Is LeBron James an Ohio State Fan?

As one of the best basketball players in history, LeBron James has left a huge mark on the sport. But the Los Angeles Lakers' small forward had a different path to the NFL to most other stars.

So why didn't he play college basketball and what makes us think that he would have chosen Ohio State if he hadn't been able to go straight from high school to the draft?

His Path to the Top

LeBron was born in Akron at the very end of 1984 and, as PickBoss mentions, he is arguably one of the most famous Ohio athletes. He came into the world with a 16-year-old mother and an absent father.

He confirmed that it was a difficult upbringing, and he moved in with a local sports coach as a youngster, which was the change that introduced him to the sport that made him famous. He then started attending St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, where his amazing skills on the court made him a star.

Even as a freshman, LeBron averaged over 20 points a game, and led his team to the only undefeated season in boy's high school basketball. Scouts from all over the country went to see him, and it seemed that he could take his pick of any college in the land. Yet, LeBron then did something that only about 40 players have done in history. He went straight from high school to the NBA.

The player has since admitted that he did this purely for financial reasons. He felt that he and his family had nothing to gain from college, and wanted to move directly into pro basketball. Given his difficult upbringing this is understandable, but what would LeBron have done if he'd had to go to college before joining the NBA?

LeBron James Says That He's an Ohio State Fan

James has spoken many times in the past about being a fan of Ohio State, and how he would probably have gone to college there if he hadn't been able to go straight to the pro league. He also states that their home games would have been sold out and his number 23 jersey would have been "everywhere" if he'd become a Buckeye way back in 2003.

He was once asked what program he would have chosen if he couldn't go to Ohio State. In answer to that question, LeBron said it probably would have been Duke or North Carolina. He pointed out that his comment was probably going to "ruffle a lot of feathers", but it seems clear that it's something he's put some thought into over the years since turning pro.

Of course, his career has been legendary since the Cleveland Cavaliers picked him in the 2003 NBA draft, and it's hard to imagine that he would do anything differently if given the chance. However, that hasn't stopped him from saying that he will "always rock Ohio State colors" wherever he goes. LeBron's family has also been seen wearing Buckeye colors in the past.

His support for Ohio State isn't just seen in the way that he says he would have chosen them if he had been told to do a year of college basketball, LeBron has also shown his support by giving the Buckeye players gifts like headphones before their big games. The NBA star has also made sure that his branded apparel was made available in Buckeye colors, making the link with the team even stronger.

It's true that LeBron James is a big fan of Ohio State. Buckeye fans can only wonder what might have been if one of the greatest players of all time had spent even a single season playing for them and smashing all sorts of college records. However, despite this, we've been able to enjoy watching one of Ohio's best sportsmen having a spectacular pro career.

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