Is Wagner the Next German NBA Star?

Moritz Wagner and the Michigan Wolverines may have missed the college title together, but the Berliner has all the other options he could wish for, all waiting for him after college. We can hear the NBA managers calling him through the grapevines, offering him the chance to become the next Dirk Nowitzki, or even something better.

After the final four, Wagner's name appeared in some of the most important notebooks in the industry. His future is likely to continue in the NBA next year. Even the casino industry has a knack for future superstars like him, and some manufacturers are waiting to capitalize on the German player by developing slot machines themed around his career.

However, all of that seemed like it did not matter to him after the moment of defeat in the final "Final Four" game. Like a true sports hero, the Big Man said that it is not about the next year and what the future holds for him. It is about reflecting on the season, sitting down with the coach and reviewing all the options.

With a strong physique and a good hand for distance throwing, he could play college basketball for another year. The German is already playing in the limelight. With an average of 24 points and 15 rebounds, his statistics are a lot like those of later NBA superstars like Larry Bird (1979) and Hakeem Olajuwon (1983).

Wagner being a sometimes down-to-earth player, reacted with the words "that's pretty cool" when he was asked what he thought about his coach's statement that he is part of a small group of special players, and about Dirk Nowitzki's tweet "I see you @moritz_weasley" on Twitter.

In 2017 at the age of 19, Moe as they call him, was about to make the big step into the NBA. After the college season ended in April the same year, the power forward registered for the annual talent distribution, the so-called draft.

However, Wagner stepped back from the draft little later to continue his work at the University of Michigan. The older he got, the better his chances became for a contract. Nevertheless, the competition is huge and a strong college season is far from a guarantee to get you into the NBA.

Throughout the seasons, opponents found it difficult to control Wagner. This enabled him to do furious game starts. Most of the first counter-attacks went through the German, especially in the 2017-2018 season, which always helped the team to a great start. His similarities to Nowitzki are simply too evident to ignore.

In fact, he has expressed that his role model is exactly the 39-year-old German legend. Nevertheless, basketball fans should not consider him a Nowitzki-clone. Although he has all the qualities to be one, Wagner has a much different personality that reminds more of Kevin Garnett. He knows when to let his emotions run, and he knows even when to provoke the opponents. In fact, he has said that Garnett is one of his primary idols when it comes to basketball.

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