Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Sporting fans across the world will know that whenever they want -- there will always be a sporting event to bet on -- no matter what time of year or time of day. Top bookmakers such as BoyleSports offer the best odds and prices for numerous sports. From football to eSports, horse racing to curling, there are practically no sports that you can't place a bet on. However, some are far more popular.

Here are the most popular sports in the world to bet on...


Football (or soccer, as our U.S. friends call it) is the most popular sport in the world. As such, it is hardly surprising that it is also the most popular sport for sports betting in the world, as well. Okay, they weren't exactly kicking the ball around back in the time of the Romans, but sports betting can actually be traced to way back then, as they placed bets on chariot racing.

However, much has changed since then. Today, football betting fans can bet on their favorite teams from wherever they are in the world, even if they are just sitting at home with a cup of tea.

Football betting is straightforward. In its most simple form, all you need to do is bet on which team will win, or if it will be a draw. Other bet types can also include betting on scores and scorers. Because of its popularity, this is a very lucrative sport to bet on, although it isn't number one in all countries. The U.S. loves the NFL, Canada loves ice hockey, New Zealand for rugby, and India loves its cricket. However, on a global scale, football (soccer) reigns supreme.


The second most popular sport to bet on across the globe is tennis and it generates billions of dollars in sports betting revenue every year. Tennis stars such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams have increased its popularity, as has the simplicity of betting on it. There isn't even a draw to worry about.

With tennis betting, you can predict the winner of a game or tournament. You can even bet on who will win the next set or even the next point with live betting. Simply study the stats, look at the options, and make your bet.

Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is as old as the hills. There was a time when it was horse racing betting that was the most popular wager across the world. However, after the expansion of football and tennis betting markets, the king of sports dropped to third. Although it isn't quite as popular as it once was, it still attracts a lot of bettors from across the world. It is the most popular in Japan, followed by the UK and Australia. Betting on horses takes in billions of dollars in revenue every year.

American Football

America's version of football is not as popular across the world as what they call "soccer." However, in North America, the NFL is the king. The National Football League is hugely popular and its main event, the Super Bowl, is the most watched and bet on sport event in the world. Although the NFL is the most popular for American football betting, college football is also popular and often better valu,e as well.

The NFL season is only a few months long and college football even shorter, so there's not much opportunity to bet on the game, so American's always like to have another option...


This is another popular betting option in the U.S. mainly, just after American football. With basketball betting, punters usually bet on a spread, predicting whether or not a team will be able to beat the other team by a particular margin. This is a sport in which there are often upsets, giving fans the option to bet on underdogs for better odds.

The NBA is the most popular league to bet on, but NCAA college basketball is also popular, as well as the European basketball league.

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