NBA Teams Overcoming Weaknesses in 2021

The NBA have wasted little time in making sure the rosters of the offseason have been scheduled and drafted up within just a month, during the chaos of delays that have occurred as of late. A direction has clearly been made up before the actual transitional period was to commence. All weaknesses have been accounted for and for that reason, they are hopeful for a successful 2020-21 due to this. Yet this does not apply to everyone. The weaknesses of the teams that need most attention have been identified and a full disclosure of that assessment is disclosed down below.

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Atlanta Hawks

The biggest weakness of this team is if they chose to play without Trae Young for offense. Of course, if Trae is on the bench, they must then decide to play Bogdan Bogdanovic and Danilo Gallinari, who will allow for the offense to be maintained on the court. Bogdanovic is one of the most important players within the team, if used correctly as a playmaker. Gallinari, on the other hand, is the money ball and will make sure the offense rating will rise by whatever small amount for the entire game.

Kris Dunn must also play out on the court as a defender, being that he is the best perimeter defender within the league, or considered to be of the best currently. This would ultimately therefore allow Young to be spared more often for the difficult challenges faced on court. Onyeka Okongwu will also add defensive flair on the front court, which will aid John Collins and Clint Capela.

Boston Celtics

The biggest weakness is the rebounding of the defense. The loss of Hayward to the team was not an ideal strategic move at all. The Celtics had -9.3 points and -4.4 without him. A huge shift if you ask us specifically. The loss was rebounded pretty well, though.

Tristan Thompson is an addition that will directly address the team's needs. Whereas Jedd Teague will not change the fortunes as much, despite being a player who is very experienced as a playmaker. Underrated players such as Theis works hard, and his modern style of playing gets him playing on both ends of the court, making him cover more ground. At 6-feet-8, he has a huge hold, and a natural disadvantage to any team he is opponent to. Many times, he has actually overcome centers with his amazing height.

Thompson is athletic and when he is in mode and fully engaged, he is a highly eager and mighty rebounder. He displayed this perfectly when playing with the Golden State Warriors.

Brooklyn Nets

The injuries that this team addresses are the highest within the NBA, no doubt. This is their only setback for the time being. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's return will make the team perform dramatically different and in a whole new dynamic/unison.

Charlotte Hornets
Just like the Boston Celtics, the Hornets have a defensive rebounding issue, which ultimately needs to be addressed. Yes, they made the team better through the signing of Gordon Hayward for $120 million -- they need to use him to their advantage and minimize weaknesses.

Ball has the opportunity to be better than most guards when it comes to rebounding, in addition to Hayward. However, Cody Zeller being added to the mix upon his recovery will definitely ease this weakness and bring a light to the gameplay of the team.

Chicago Bulls
The team has not changed much since transfers went underway, so the issue for the team and weakness is the inefficient use of players strategically. Patrick Williams is the only new draft pick to join the team. With okay shooting stats to his record so far, it could be likely that his free throw could increase, possibly sway the percentage and scores overall, but it will be unlikely to make a huge difference overall.

A strength to the team is the player Otto Porter, Jr., who has boosted the Bulls' field goals by 1.5 percent over the past season. That is definitely needed in repetition this season, no doubt. All in all, this team lacks play consistency from match to match. Once they sort out their poise within the internal development of the team, some changes may be noticed in the games to come, yet until then, we are unsure of the direction the Bulls will actually go in.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers did not do a whole lot of paint protection this past season, we are sure you will agree. Isaac Okoro could help provide a difference to the defense, however he is not consistent enough.

Dallas Mavericks
This team needs to rebuild their defensive aggressiveness that they put into the game. It is not passionate enough, it lacks the urgency. Seth Curry's three-pointer opportunity loss, hurts the pride of this team, looking back on the past season. In addition to this, Luka playing on the floor with Curry is key to proving a larger momentum on the court. The Mavericks need to keep that in mind. The player combination here is not something to forget and take lightly.

James Johnson should also be used for defense, since he now is in the prime of his fitness, but they need to switch his positions up a bit, due to the versatility that he actually brings to gameplay. In addition to this, the returning lineup should provide a complete piece and unit for Luka Doncic to be the point man that he is within the team. This would be a dangerous combination, indeed.

Denver Nuggets

The lack of threes consistently should be an available option. Jerami Grant, in theory, can be that defender that the team needs. The loss of Grant is also a deep issue possibly, however, it does allow Michael Porter to have the light he needs to shine. This could be good news for the future, no doubt.

During the postseason, we also felt that Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic were doing everything, where MPJ could actually pick up some of the offensive momentum that he needs to bring to the game. More responsibility shifts need to be considered, rather than the same players each time rising up to the challenge. MJP has the ability to score in all levels and dominate the court and boards. He really is one of the most promising players that this season has to show for. Especially since he is young and has still so much more to give in the process. It is time to see our thoughts addressed, as we are not the only ones that think this.

Suppose we will have to just wait and see overall what happens, won't we?

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons definitely struggled last season, meaning it was not just one weakness that needed to be looked into and addressed overall.

The landing of Killian Hayes brought huge potential for a playmaker to the team. Especially since it cost them $100 million in the process for that transition of Grant and Miles Plumlee. Both players together will make great sense if combined as backups for the team.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets' weakness is again rebounding. We are yet to witness whether James Harden and Russell Westbrook will leave the Rockets before this season.

Christian Woods was put in a tie for the 27th plus and minus last season, as he averaged a total of 10.9 rebounds in total for every 75 possessions that he managed to play within the games. He is certainly no Dennis Rodman to the team; however, his skills are an upgrade for the past rebounds provided by others. He is able to play via the perimeter with the 1.5 for every 75 possessions at a 38.6 percentage. This will certainly provide the paint open for Westbrook, who managed to showcase his performance due to the abandonment of the centers used last season.

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