NBA’s Top Performing Veteran Players

The NBA is increasingly a young person's league, as the rigors of sport only increase as the seasons go by, with head coaches expecting practically impossible feats of physical prowess.

This unstoppable trend has led to the rise of young guns like Luka Dončić and Giannis Antetokounmpo dominating the league and consistently being in the running for MVP honors.

However, there are a number of NBA veteran players who continue to post numbers that bely their advancing years, keeping young pretenders in their place for just a little while longer. Here are the NBA old dogs, who still have plenty of bark and bite at both ends of the court.

Udonis Haslem - Age 41

At the time of writing, Udonis Haslem is 41 years of age, going on 42, but continues to hold down a pivotal role on the Miami Heat's roster. A brief stint in European basketball aside, Haslem has dedicated his entire career to the Heat, having seen times when online sports bettors would not touch them with a barge pole, all the way through to the NBA championship winning years of 2006, 2012, and 2013.

Despite such accolades, Haslem has never been a player to blow his own trumpet and is now largely still a Heat player for the invaluable guidance he provides for young players such as Tyler Herro. There is no doubt that having Haslem's experience to fall back on is partly what's convincing online bettors to back Miami's NBA betting odds, as one generation of stellar baller passes knowledge on to the next. All bets are off as to whether Haslem will sign yet another extension to his current deal, but for now he remains the oldest operating player in the NBA and one who has the respect of his peers to boot.

Andre Iguodala - Age 38

Maintaining your spot-on NBA rosters is not easy, especially when you are a relatively undersized small forward, but Andre Iguodala has never let that hold his career back. His best years have always come during his spells at Golden State and now he is back there, strutting his stuff out on the boards at the grand old age of 38.

Just like Haslem, this veteran player has three NBA championship rings to his name and is now very much on the hunt for more, laying the groundwork for Steph Curry to work his magic. Unfortunately, a pesky back injury has sidelined him for large parts of this season, but he will likely return in time to bolster the Warriors' playoff push.

Lebron James - Age 37

What's left to say about LeBron James other than what's already been said? There's a good reason for him being known as King James because few other players have managed to transcend the sport quite as he has.

Age 37, he prides himself on maintaining the physique of a young 20-something and is in the process of dragging the L.A. Lakers back to NBA relevance. The other big milestone he is looking to pass is the all-time NBA points scoring record, which is currently held by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He recently surpassed Karl Malone's tally of 36,928 points to become the second highest scorer in NBA history, but shows no sign of settling for second place. It's just not his style.

Carmelo Anthony - Age 37

Although LeBron is getting on in years, the Lakers do have another player on their roster who is older -- the evergreen Carmelo Anthony. Despite being rated as one of the best players of his generation, he has somewhat underachieved, with no NBA championship title to his name. There are few signs that the current crop of Lakers will help him rectify that any time soon.

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