NFL Players Having Breakout Years

The NFL has produced some of the biggest names and legends in athletics. Over the years, numerous players have clinched some of the most notable and most desirable awards during the respective NFL seasons. With newbies coming on to the NFL teams with so much talent and zeal to play football, we can only expect an influx in celebrity NFL stars. Here are some of the NFL players in the 32 NFL teams who have breakout years.

Chase Edmonds

Chase Edmonds was born on April 13, 1996. The legend is a celebrated football star for the renowned Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League (NFL). Edmond's history with the NFL dates back to Fordham University, where the Cardinals drafted the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

2019 was an excellent year for Edmond as he posted his first career 100-yard game against the New York Giants in Week 7. The legend made 3 touchdowns in the game with 126 rushing yards, securing a 27-21 win for the Arizona Cardinals. At the end of the 2019 season, Chase had made a record 105 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, and 12 receptions. He also made 4 rushing touchdowns to finish with 303 rushing yards.

The 2020 NFL season was also a great one for the football legend as in the 7th week, Edmond made a whopping 145 yards from scrimmage, securing a 37-34 win for the team against the Seattle Seahawks. In the 16 games that Edmond appeared during the season, he made an average of 23 yards. He also had 97 rushing attempts, 1 rushing touchdown for 448 yards. Edmonds also completed 18 kick returns for 417 yards and a record 53 receptions and 4 receiving touchdowns for 402 yards.

In the 2021 NFL season, Edmond's career also started on an all-time high. He made history in the Cardinals by starting as a running back against James Conner, a free agent for the team. He made nine starts for the team before suffering a severe ankle sprain in Week 9. He is currently on injury reserve from November 13, 2021.

We hope he will get back on track soon as various sportsbooks are already featuring various odds for him. Chase has been given +20000 for most receptions, +5000 for most rushing touchdowns, and +8000 for most rushing yards. As a smart fan, you can check on the best NFL picks and discover what they have in store for Chase and other players.

Kyle Pitts

Kyle Anthony Pitts is a young celebrated football star who was born on October 6, 2000. The legend plays tight end for the renowned Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. Pitts football career goes way back in college in Florida. Pitt was so good at the game, evidenced by his winning the much-coveted John Mackey Award in 2020, earning him unanimous All-American honors. Pitt made history by becoming the highest-drafted tight end in the NFL after securing the fourth overall in the Falcons' 2021 NFL draft.

Pitt made thirty-one yards from 4 receptions in the first week of the 2021 NFL season. Unfortunately, the team suffered a 6-32 loss when playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. In the second week of the season, the Falcons suffered a humiliating loss of 25-48 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, in the match, Pitt made 5 catches for 79 yards for the team.

In the fifth week of the season, Pitt made his first record NFL touchdown against the New York Jets. In the game, the legend caught 9 passes for 119 yards securing a 27-20 win. In the seventh week, Pitt had 163 receiving yards, breaking the Falcons record for receiving yards in a single game and securing a 30-28 win for the team. The future looks bright for the young legend thanks to the competitive squad in the Falcons, including Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Matt Ryan.

J.K. Dobbins

J'Kaylin Dobbins is a legendary running back for the Baltimore Ravens, born on December 17, 1998. Dobbins previously played college football for Ohio State before being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the second NFL 2020 draft.

In the first week of the 2020 season, Dobbins made his first double touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, securing a 38-6 win. In the eighth week, Dobbins made 15 carries for 113 rushing yards, though the team lost 24-28 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kaylin was on November 23, 2020 placed on the team's reserve list and resumed playing on the December 4. On the 17th week of the season, Dobbin rushed for 2 touchdowns and 160 yards, securing a 38-3 win against the Cincinnati Bengals.

In the 2021 season, the legendary player has made nine scores, 805 yards rushing, and 6.0 yards per carry. All indications indicate Dobbin becoming the rookie of the year after the legendary Mark Ingram walked away from the team.

These are some of the NFL players having breakout years. We will be on the lookout for new talents and ensure that you are always updated on the same.

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