NFL Takes a Defiant Stand on Draft

As we watch the Coronavirus continuing to spread, we begin to see the scale of the impact on the staging of sporting events around the world.

The is an air of uncertainty about the future and how to handle global events like the 2020 Olympics in Japan and the Euros. But America seems to be taking a headstrong stance, with the Dana White announcing UFC 249 will go ahead and now the NFL releasing an official statement announcing that the 2020 NFL draft will be on April 23-25 as planned.

Due to the severity of the situation, the event will no longer take place in Las Vegas as was originally scheduled. There is speculation among the talking heads as to how the NFL will handle the draft, having promised to broadcast it to their global fanbase; in the statement, they said they were "exploring innovative options for how the process will be conducted." Though it seems nothing is set in stone given the present climate, we continue to receive Coronavirus updates and hope that we turn things around in time for the NFL season.

This is the news NFL fans and football betting sites want to hear, but there are a number of teams who have already cancelled all travel and recalling their scouts and coaches. But this is good news. If teams and staff go into quarantine now, there's a much better chance the 2020 draft will go-ahead as planned. Even postponing the league would be a real shame, especially if the world is cooped up indoors.

The Redskins owner Dan Snyder made an official statement about the club's commitment to protecting its players and staff. Various other clubs immediately followed suit, though the full 32 teams are yet to confirm their intentions. Fans will be praying that teams stay indoors and stick to the rules for the rest of us.

The NFL had big plans for the Las Vegas draft this year, with big names like Joe Burrow and Chase Young set to be top chalk. Part of the spectacle in the city of lights was to close down a portion of the Strip and put on a the biggest show the NFL has ever seen, allowing fans to get close to the action than ever before.

The NFL began hosting the draft in varying cities in 2015, having hosted it in New York previously. Before Vegas, the draft was hosted in Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Nashville. Though Vegas remains uncertain, there are many alternatives that will allow the draft to proceed.

Through the use of technology, there are a few ways in which teams could conduct the draft and broadcast it via television, as well as through online streaming services. Teams may not even have to all be in the same place. While that would be extremely unusual, it would fulfill the purpose of the draft and mean we are set up for the new season.

The U.S. government is ramping up the containment measures at a violent pace. The future of the NFL is dependent on what the government decides to do. If teams can stay in quarantine and be cleared of the virus, games could begin behind closed doors. Then once the virus is under control on a national level, we fill the stadiums and resume normality.

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