Nowgoal Offers a New Platform

Nowgoal offers users a new, class-leading platform from which to check scores on their favorite sports.

Aimed at hardcore sports fans and/or sports bettors, the platform turns the otherwise tedious task of getting sports score updates into an easy one. Read on to find out more about the service.

We've all been there as sports fans; sitting in a café waiting for a friend or business meeting with your favorite team's game comes on. The café doesn't show sports games and neither do the on-demand video content applications on your mobile phone. Then, you realize that you don't really need to watch the play-by-play action of the game, and that only keeping updated with the score line will do at that moment. You could just use Google, but the hassle of having to open a browser and painstakingly input the team names on the hope that the right game (the live game) comes up in the results is too much of a needless hassle. This very problem is one which Nowgoal, through its live score-checking service, is seeking to mitigate.

Indonesia is a country that is chock full of sports-loving fans. As any one of them can testify, there is a palpable individual anxiety that comes with not being able to receive timely updates on one's favorite sports teams, especially when one is indisposed or otherwise unable to watch a game either live at the stadium, or at home on the television.

Nowgoal's class-leading algorithms bring the games straight from the stadium and compress the important data in order for it to be presented in a straightforward, concise manner that is appealing to the end user. Important stats such as scorelines, fouls, game dominance, attendance statistics, team line-ups, relevant injuries (where applicable), tactics, head-to-head records, etc. are all shown on the app. The platform covers sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, snooker, and more from all over the country as well as abroad.

To boot, the platform, which can be found at, also has Android and iOS applications and these ensure that no major device platform is left out of coverage. The web platform and its coefficient mobile applications also give a detailed schedule of games to be played according to the updated leagues' calendars and are also programmed to notify the user (according to user preference settings) when a goal is scored, as well as other events such as red cards, match postponements, major player injuries, etc.

All of the benefits mentioned earlier in this article are also aimed at sports bettors. Generally, it is always preferable to stay updated in real time when placing sports bets. This gives bettors the ability to make the most informed betting decisions and hopefully, better maximize their chances of placing a winning bet. The platform places front and center the information you need to place the smartest bets. This makes it so that you are never blindsided by the outcomes.

By showing all the aforementioned team information as well as other statistics such as previous head-to-head results and predicted odds by bookmakers, Nowgoal makes sure that you are in the know when placing your bets. That being said, no bet is absolutely sure and all bets are subject to wrong predictions -- at least, however, you can make the most informed bets with an improved degree of certainty about their outcomes.

Perfectly synchronized with their betting platform, the sibling products work hand-in-hand to provide the best betting experience for users. The score ticker directly gives users access to their betting slips, as well as information on where the tides are regarding their bets. Also, Nowgoal shows multiple games' scores at once and so if a user has placed a bet on more than one game, they can monitor the games that they've wagered on and get live, real-time updates on the events of the concerned games. This makes the betting experience more fluid and unified than say, if both actions needed to be carried out on different applications.

Both of these benefits also run on the multi-platform apps and so no matter what device you're on, you are covered. The platform also offers a multitude of other incentives and perks to select users on a timely bases to reward consistency and loyalty.

Created for the Indonesian sports fans, the platform is designed specifically to cater for the particular needs of the demographic. Its design, features, and functionality traits at their core are structured and designed to suit the use case of Indonesians. This is not to say that it is only restricted to users with the country, however, as it can be accessed from anywhere on the globe.

The platform's accompanying suite of tools are seamlessly tied together in other to afford users the most stress-free sports experience. Users can bookmark their favorite teams so that the app always gives news reporting preference to those teams. This will also allow the app to place added emphasis on delivering news concerning those teams above others. Also, users can monitor league standing tables (where applicable) and find out where their teams stand after every match day, in addition to being able to check if their team has any outstanding games to play (either as a result of postponement or a tight schedule).

The platform is best enjoyed with an account, as this allows it to collate the required user information and present a more personalized user experience with every visit. However, there is a unified database with the parent company's betting platform, Spbobet. This means that if you've already created an account there, you are already good to go.

To round off, this might just be the tool you need as a sports fan. The platform's reliability, ease of use, and other quality-of-life features have made it rise in popularity over the course of the past few months. And generally, we all know that if so many people are convinced by a particular product, then it must be good.

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