Predicting Tennis Match Winners

The U.S Open has finally racketed its Grand Slam quarterfinalists in both the men's and women's singles. Youthful tennis talent of the likes of Nick Kyrgios, Ajla Tomljanović, and Coco Gauff have been stroking more than wins, but also gaining social fame. Taking a swing on the court has many wondering if this year's winner can be spotted in the mix.

As an individual sport, tennis garners a high search volume on Google Trends when compared to other sports within this genre. Curiously, Bulgaria ranks first when it comes to global tennis popularity.

It's safe to say that the racket and ball game -- which traces its origin to the ball-and-hand French game simply called jeu de paume -- catches global attention and is well known. Millions of people follow these matches, and most want to predict the ultimate winner. This interest extends well beyond wondering whether or not a tennis handicap bet is the best one to make.

However, many factors contribute to winning. Consider the case of Andy Murray's 2013's historical Wimbledon final win, which brought Britain out of a 77-year losing streak. So many unexpected factors made this seemingly improbable win, probable.

Watching the latest matches and religiously following the play through is likely to yield results where winner predictions can be made. Here are the impacting factors to add to your analysis.

Court Surfaces

Tennis matches are played on a variety of surfaces. These surfaces include clay, carpet, hard courts, and grass courts. Each of these tennis court surface types has a somewhat distinct effect on the ball's bounce and determines the sorts of playing techniques that are most effective to utilize. You can check the player's track record and predict the match's results.

Clay, for example, results in points with extended baseline rallies because of its slower bounce, favoring players who are excellent in that style. Knowing the surface type is thus an essential part of tennis tournament winning prediction.

Check Tennis Head-to-Heads

When it comes to predicting a tennis match, head-to-head statistics play a vital role. Not only do these show the historical outcomes between the two players, but you also receive an event breakdown that shows which surfaces each player won on and in which tournaments. It is during this time that many bettors would opt for in-play strategies as these are not only available on the best tennis betting website, but are part of live match betting. Keeping a vigilant eye on the players' performance and the win-loss ratio is critical during this predictive timeline.

Head-to-head statistics is a critical tool because they offer a comprehensive analysis of two players; you can extract the winning streak of each player against the other.

Tennis World Rankings

Another critical aspect of the tennis world rankings is that they are based on the number of points accumulated by players over the previous 12 months. These points are granted for reaching various stages of an event.

However, specific tournaments are more important than others. The previous 12 months are critical as this is the time players accumulate points that determine their ranking. The fourth-highest tournament rankings from ATP 500 offer few points when compared to the 1000 ranking points gained when winning the ATP Masters. You can break down the ranking score and analyze which player has more chances to win a particular tournament based on the previous record.

You must understand all the underlying factors. Then making the correct prediction also requires practice. You can make your scenarios to practice. It will help you to make the most probable decision of the winner outcome when it's time to put your statistical analysis to the test.

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