QBs With the Most to Prove in 2022

While football at the professional level is the ultimate team game, the vast majority of observers, fans, and media will spend most of their time focusing on the play of the quarterback.

All quarterbacks have to prove themselves year in and year out, but there is usually a small group on the hot seat more than others each season. Using a BetMGM promo code for online sportsbook to bet on quarterbacks in make-or-break years can be risky. However, if they can get over the hump, it could be beneficial for all the people stuck by them during their rough patches.

Here are three NFL quarterbacks with the most to prove during the upcoming season:

Tua Tagovailoa

There has been a lot of attention surrounding the lack of elite production the Miami Dolphins have received from Tua Tagovailoa in his first two NFL seasons. It didn't help that the team wanted to find a future star quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft and missed out on Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert in that quest, both of whom have been extremely impressive so far.

During his rookie campaign, Tagovailoa was bailed out by veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick in games where the former Alabama star faltered early. In two must-win situations, he has been badly exposed; as a rookie against the Buffalo Bills in the final game of the season and the Tennessee Titans last year in the second to last game.

The Dolphins have gone all in on providing Tagovailoa with the necessary weapons he will need to succeed in his third NFL season. The excuses for him not to perform have been seemingly eliminated, and he'll need to be at his best to retain a starting job moving forward.

Daniel Jones

The New York Giants thought they found their heir to Eli Manning when they selected Daniel Jones with a top-six pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Jones was a breath of fresh air for Giants fans, as he displayed mobility that Manning didn't have towards the tail end of his career. While New York was not often on the winning side of games while Jones was a rookie, he had some impressive performances that were encouraging.

However, years two and three did not entirely unfold as Giants fans hoped. The former Duke signal-caller has displayed a worrying penchant for giving up the football via interception or fumble. The confidence he showed when he first arrived on the NFL scene seems to have dissipated somewhat.

Some people believe that the preseason should be abolished entirely, and there are reasons to support that notion. However, this preseason will be critically important for Jones, as he needs to establish a comfort level with new head coach Brian Daboll. Daboll was instrumental in developing current NFL superstar Josh Allen and will look to bring out the best in Jones, who has some similar attributes.

Baker Mayfield

Arguably the quarterback with the most to prove during the 2022 NFL season is Baker Mayfield. He had fallen out of favor with the Cleveland Browns, who traded him to the Carolina Panthers after they acquired Deshaun Watson.

Mayfield is at an exciting point in his career, as a lot has happened during the last couple of years. He was under center when the Browns made it to the AFC Divisional round in the playoffs two years ago and came relatively close to beating the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Browns utilized a run-first scheme, which allowed Mayfield to take advantage of play-action down the field.

Last season, the former number one overall pick was not as effective and played hurt for most of the year. In a new situation, with a different head coach and teammates to get accustomed to, Mayfield must put the past behind him and deliver for the Panthers meaningfully.

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