Real Madrid Looking For a Ronaldo Replacement

After the departure of Ronaldo, the Los Blancos will still have to fill the gap left by the athlete in the team. That can't be, their comrades thought, that this athlete can't be replaced. All in all, many players can take over the role. After all, the best players play at the Madrelen and everyone can rely on the desired victory to come. But there is no doubt that the Portuguese superstar has left a gap that is still having an effect. It's not easy to fill that gap, of course, and anyone watching old Real Madrid games with Ronaldo and new games without Ronaldo will notice the difference.

Of course, there are also clear goals that can be set by the tournament management. It's a fact that it's hard to get used to a Madrid team without Ronaldo. But the Madrinels have already proven in the past that they can very quickly compensate for strong departures. We only remember David Beckham or Roberto Carolos in this context. Luiz Figo was also one of the superstars who earned their living at Real Madrid.

Now one is still thinking about how one could close this gap here. It doesn't seem too easy. One can assume that one previously assumed that one would find a new Ronaldo from one's own ranks. After all, Real Madrid also has its own academy, where new talents can grow up, who a short time later can also assume a fixed role in the central team. When that didn't work out, they kept looking for a new idol to replace Ronaldo. But none of their goals are available and they may have to act. If you wish to receive a betting bonus, please act immediately:

Transfers can burden an entire team

A year ago, FC Barcelona was also hit hard when Neymar left the team. At that time, shockwaves went through the stadium in Barcelona and also through the media. The player from Barcelona had exchanged his t-shirt at Barcelona for a t-shirt at Paris Saint-Germain. At that time, it was also the most expensive deal in history. Many observers also spoke of a very overpriced player and were desperate to find a replacement for the brilliant Brazilian. But it was mostly quiet during the rest of the day and so the transfer window for both teams was closed.

The situation in Madrid is likely to be similarly structured and biased as in Barcelona

Real Madrid is now in a similar situation. They had more time than Barcelone to look for a replacement for the great player Ronaldo. Apparently, however, the search was not exactly crowned with success and one allowed oneself a little time out, which one had quite obviously earned. After all, even after the surprising sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, there were no immediate concerns about the replacement. But that didn't bring us much closer to our goal, either. And soon after that the desperate search for a replacement for a player like Ronaldo began. But since it was not so easy to replace this player, they rowed back a gear and used the time window to close the gap accordingly.

Very often, one goes into such an area without knowing where the journey should go. Getting a new player to replace one of the best players in history won't be that easy for the team, either. It will be interesting to see how the team will develop in the future. The season so far hasn't really been that bad.

Also, in the Champions League things are going quite well. Apart from a small mistake in Moscow, it was also possible to convince here. The worry lines were much more like those of the Champions League. After three wins in a row in the meantime, the expectations of the whole team are of course also very high here, and they don't appreciate the possibilities as easily and safely as they did a year ago when they were still playing with Ronaldo on the grass.

Where's the replacement for Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored well over 400 goals for his team in his nine years in Spain. With this goal record, one is also represented in the best list. After all, you can still come up with just under 466 games here. The Los Blancos have done a lot of good with this and have already found a number of new talents for the whole talent. If a player like Julen Lopeteguis is also a new talent that creeps into the squad, then of course there's a lot of praise from the whole team. There is no player here who can offer such statistics. So it was only logical to bring him into the squad. In fact, there are hardly any footballers in the world who could do this. Nevertheless, he is not yet a Ronaldo and whether he will ever be a Ronaldo seems to be still in the stars.

It should also not be forgotten that the star for Ronaldo still shines extremely brightly in Turin. Even the most recent accusations do not detract from this. Perhaps they also reinforce the ego of the media. One can certainly be curious to see how this will develop in the near future. It is quite customary to express in an appropriate manifesto who may now be the dignified successor to Ronaldo. But he'll have to leave the stage first. At least he wouldn't be allowed to play in Europe anymore, but would perhaps have to play in a team in China, where he would be playing outside the Champions League. But that is not yet the case and we can be curious to see how things will develop in the near future.

All in all, we should still discover a new star, because that's how football lives. This is the dilemma for Real and for club boss Florentino Perez. The President of Madrid initially became famous for his policies, but he has not signed any of them since buying James Rodriguez for £80 million euros after the 2014 World Cup. Today, these players cost a lot of money. For this reason, a club can afford only one of these deals and then has to pass on the next deal, because it is simply too expensive.

Today, there are therefore only very few clubs where the absolute superstars are located. Because only very few clubs can afford the best footballers in the world. They therefore play in only a few super clubs and are also concentrated there. Of course, Real Madrid have a special reputation to defend here, because you can always expect a good ranking from Real Madrid. With Ronaldo no longer in the game and Lionel Messi suspended in Barcelona, there are only a handful of options for a replacement for the Portuguese. Unfortunately, all possible options seem to sit here in a different position in vain. A window will probably not open until next year.

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