Sports Betting Advice

Betting in some sports will rely on the money line, but other sports, if you are betting on the money line, you could have to lay out a lot of money for a little return. However, if you want to make big money and plan on betting on sports like basketball, football, and in some cases hockey or baseball, you want to play the spread. How can you really improve your odds on betting the spread? Well, that is what we are going to provide is some advice for sports betting on the spread.

Look at the Spread

Sometimes the odds makers set lines or spreads that are outrageously absurd. When you see these spreads, you may want to consider the spread and see which team you think will win, obviously the favorite, but see how big the spread is. A good example of this is in college football or basketball you can get huge spreads with some teams being favored 20 or more points. In football, this is possible to cover, but not all the time. Remember some of the college basketball teams are going to come in as 25-point favorites in rivalry games and typically this is very difficult for teams to cover in a rivalry match.

Look at How the Teams Have Played Lately

With a lot of the professional sports, the teams are fairly evenly matched. You will have some teams that are rebuilding, but not all of them are rebuilding at the same time. With that being said make sure you know how the teams have performed in the past. Look at how their offense has played and their defense alike. This makes it easier for you to see how the teams are performing coming into the game. At the same time, though, make sure you check out the opponents as sometimes a really good or bad opponent can slant the stats quite a bit.

Find Out About Injuries

With some of the teams, their success hinges on a player being able to play or unable to play. If the stars on the teams are unable to play, then they may not be as good. For example, we will use the Lakers when LeBron James is unable to play the Lakers seem to struggle more as a team without the on-court leadership compared to when he is playing. Now, sometimes the injuries to the supporting players will not make as big of a problem for a team it can cause some issues. By reviewing the updated injury list, you can determine what to expect on the court or field.

Making your sports betting picks on the spread is the best way to place a wager in some sports. However, betting on the spread, does carry some risk that you should be aware of because it is so dependent on the score if you win or lose. By following the advice here, it will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the best sports betting choices made and know you have improved your chances of winning a wager on the spread.

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