The Evolution of Sports in Canada

Canada is a country with a deep-rooted sports culture, which is encouraged from childhood in extracurricular activities, being an important part of the education and development as people of its inhabitants. Due to its cold seasons, most of the sports are practiced in the winter. For example, ice skating, ice hockey, curling, cross-country skiing, etc. However, the most traditional sports are also played, such as baseball, lacrosse, Canadian football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cycling, golf, and swimming.

Canada's iconic and official sport is ice hockey or what they call just hockey. This sport is played by children and adults of all ages, regardless of gender. It began to be practiced in the country since the 19th century and currently several teams play the National Hockey League (NHL), including: the Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Edmonton Oilers.

There is such a passion for this sport in Canada that the matches are broadcast on radio and television, being one of the programs with the highest audience. When the matches are international in scope like the Olympics, the fanaticism increases and, on those days, people take time off to watch the matches.

The second most important sport in Canada, according to the number of fans it has, is Canadian football. The most important league in the country is the Canadian Football League. Among the most important teams are: Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Toronto Argonauts, Edmonton Eskimos, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The official summer sport in Canada is lacrosse, which has more than 500 years of history. In one game, two teams play each other with a small, rough ball in order to put it into a small opponent's goal.

Another sport, although not well known in many parts of the world, but with a large following in Canada and being the most popular non-contact sport in the country, is curling, which is played on an ice rink and in teams of four players.

In addition to the above sports, other sports such as basketball, tennis, cycling, volleyball, golf, swimming, and skiing are also played in Canada at the professional and amateur levels. The penetration of sports in the country has been so great that with its appearance betting also began, initially informally, becoming the Canadian sportsbooks, which currently have licenses to provide the service to millions of users online, thanks to being hosted on sites where betting is legal.

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