Top Five Best Hole-in-Ones Ever

Landing a hole in one is a golfer's dream, but in reality, not many make them. However, over the years, there have been some spectacular 1-shot holes by some of the world's best golfers.

Our friends over at have put together a list of the top five best hole in ones ever. Be sure to watch the videos to experience just how good they were!

1. David Toms
2001 PGA Championship

David Toms currently plays on the PGA Champions Tour, but it was in 2001 at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Duluth, GA whilst playing in the PGA Championship that Toms made one of the best hole in ones ever.

Paired with Phil Mickelson and on the 15th, Toms took a 5-wood to the 245 yard par-3 and struck it sweetly straight towards the flag stick. The ball took a couple of bounces before it disappeared into the hole to the delight of both the spectators and Toms.

Toms went on to win the PGA Championship that year, which would be his only victory in a major.

2. Tiger Woods
1997 Phoenix Open

Although it wasn't at a majors, Tiger Woods made one of the most memorable hole in ones back in 1997 at TPC Scottsdale when playing in the Phoenix Open.

Lining up on the 16th hole, the then 21-year-old Woods took a nine iron to the ball and thousands of spectators erupted as rolled straight into the hole.

In terms of difficulty, the par-3 is one of the easier holes, but nonetheless, it was a memorable shot.

3. Fuzzy Zoeller
2006 Allianz Championship

Back in 2006, American golfer Fuzzy Zoeller made one of the most remarkable hole in ones ever. Not even Zoeller can claim that it was skill that directed the ball into the hole and that luck was on his side that day.

After landing his tee shot on the edge of the rough, the ball was stationary for several seconds before it miraculously started to move. It rolled out of the rough onto the green, eventually ending up in the hole.

A must watch!

4. Fred Couples
1999 Players Championship

Fred Couples was 5-over par when he tee'd off on the 17th in the 1999 Players Championship and his first shot didn't go to plan. He re-tee'd in a somewhat hurried fashion and made what would be the perfect shot.

What makes this hole in one special is that the ball didn't even touch the green. It flew off Couples' iron straight into the hole!

5. Leif Olson
2009 Canadian Open

Similar to Fuzzy Zoeller's shot, Olson required a little bit of luck when he made a hole in one on the 132-yard par-3 in the 2009 RBC Canadian Open.

After pulling back the ball as it landed past the flag on the green, Olson's shot was looking to finish up a few feet wide of the hole. However, a collision with his partner's ball on the green directed Olsen's ball into the hole for an eagle.

Which hole in one was your favorite?

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