Top Five Most Successful Race Horses

Horses are arguably man's best friend after dogs. Historically, horses had been a major part of human civilization on many levels, but as civilization and technology progressed the shift focused and they started being used for recreational activities. One such activity that has flourished is horse racing.

Over the years horse racing has evolved as a sport that is loved by millions. But with so many horses out there, you wonder which ones are the most successful? Here is a list of the top five most successful race horses.


Secretariat has been considered as the Roman god of war and rightly so as Secretariat has emerged as a winner unbelievably for 16 times. It came second place thrice and came third place only once. Under fair and healthy conditions it has defeated its opponent with a clear margin. In its short career of 16 months, Secretariat has generated a winning total of $1,316,808. In the world of horse racing, that figure itself was a testimonial to bet on Secretariat. If sites like Timeform had existed back then, I imagine they'd be flooded with happy-go-lucky betters filling out their slips for Secretariat.

Phar Lap

It would be an unforgivable mistake if you don't count Phar Lap when thinking of the most successful racehorses. Phar Lap was a famous race horse of the great depression. Being a 1200m race winner Phar Lap won 32 of the 35 last races of his career. In its career, It won Australia's biggest race, the Melbourne Cup, as well as the Cox plate race twice. During the Flemington spring, carnival Phar Lap raced and won on all four days of the carnival, a feat that to this day stays unmatched.

Unfortunately, due to its winning streak and consistency, it is believed that Phar Lap was poisoned by the mafia. The skeleton of the winning horse is now preserved at Dominion museum while the heart is preserved at the National Museum of Canberra.

Sea Biscuit

A funny name for a horse, Sea Biscuit is one of the most successful racehorses of its time. Sea Biscuit was the leading money-making horse of 1937 and has played a significant role in the American sporting history.

What sets Sea Biscuit apart from other racehorses is not his number of wins, but his sheer determination and dedication. It was known to rise up each time it fell and then beat its competitor with class. In honor of Sea Biscuit, a movie has been made.


Ruffian was a race horse of unparalleled class. Ruffian was the biggest money making horse of the '70s with people placing their bets and faith blindly on the horse.

Ruffian's career came to a tragic end when she snapped her ankle during a race in Belmont Park. Having the heart of a true racehorse, she kept running until her forefront bones broke down. In 2007, a movie was made about the life of Ruffian.

Black Caviar

If we speak of royalty racehorses, then Black Caviar is the first one to pop up in mind. With a net worth of $210,000, Black Caviar was a royalty racehorse like no other. In the peak of his career, Black Caviar remained undefeated in the 25 races he participated in before retiring in 2013.

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