Top Franchises That Won the World Series

When you talk about the World Series, this is the championship string in the Major Baseball League that happens annually. It is where the champions of the two professional leagues, both the American League and National League, face off to determine which of them is the best of the best among 30 teams in MLB.

As the years pass, great teams have proven to be one of the greatest to play in history, winning multiple World Series titles that prove their greatness. However, with the high competition in the League, winning a World Series title is not easy, making it significant to most fans and professional baseball players.

To get to know more of these teams, below are some of the top franchises that won a World Series throughout history.

New York Yankees

If you're looking for a historical team, the Yankees are one of those names. This team is one of the greatest and most successful franchises in the Major Baseball League, winning 27 World Series titles and 40 appearances. The Yankees also had several legends playing for them such as Babe Ruth, Roger Peckinpaugh, and Graig Nettles.

In addition, what makes these championships more significant is their phenomenal record of four championship wins in a row, not only once but twice in different years. Imagine pulling this off amidst the high competition within the League justifies what it takes to be a Yankees and is such a huge milestone and accomplishment by the franchise.

With their dominance over the league up until now, they have the best World Series odds compared to other franchises, making them a team to be reckoned with when competing for the world title.

St. Louis Cardinals

Despite the Yankees' greatness in the World Series, next to them are the St. Louis Cardinals from the National League with a record of 11 World Series titles and 23 appearances in MLB history. Also, this franchise is one of the League's oldest and most consistent teams, as they have always come on top in the most challenging divisions.

Behind those titles, one of the greatest Cardinals that have ever played the franchise is Stan Musial. With the presence of Stan the Man, he was able to bring three rings and MVP awards with the franchise and 24 all-star appearances in the League. With such talents the Cardinals have acquired, it just makes sense how they won those titles.

Boston Red Sox

Regarding controversial teams, the Boston Red Sox is one of those exciting teams to look at. Regarding the World Series titles, this franchise has won 9 titles and 14 appearances in MLB history. This team was a force to look out for during the 1900s as they consistently performed well and won championships.

However, in 1920, when the franchise traded Babe Ruth, a ruthless left-handed pitcher who played for the franchise, it was never the same since he left, leading to an 86-year championship drought that fans called the "The Bambino Curse." The trade at that time was controversial as the Sox couldn't meet his demands leading to a massive loss for them.

Although the franchise experienced a long drought, the curse broke until 2004, when it became a new start for the franchise in winning titles once again. 2018 was the last time the Red Sox won a championship, so they'll pretty much be hungry for more wins in the years to come.

Oakland Athletics

The next most remarkable team on the list is the Oakland Athletics, where they have won 9 World Series titles and 14 appearances in MLB. Also, this is one of the original teams formed in the American League and has been running since 1901 and became one of the best teams to play in the Divisional Era, playing toe to toe with the Yankees.

However, despite their greatness in the past, the franchise is suffering a 31-year drought of World Series titles. Currently, the Athletics are still on the run to bring back their glory days on the big stage to add more titles to their franchise.

San Francisco Giants

Lastly is the San Francisco Giants, with a total of 8 World Series titles and made 23 appearances in the playoffs. With the help of the legendary John McGraw, the franchise won four World titles during his time.

Despite their wins, the team has kept losing important games but was able to push through and come out on top. In addition, during 2010, 2012, and 2014, the franchise became contenders again under the dynasty of Bruce Bochy with his phenomenal tactics.


Having such records in World Series titles is already impressive and a milestone for any franchise in the Major Baseball League. As the years pass, teams have become much more potent to make another historic run in their franchise, making the League a top-notch competition in the sports industry. Lastly, while the League continues to move forward, another legend is on its way to making history.

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