Vital Rules You Must Follow in Golf

Like any other sport, golf has its own rules for the players to follow. Rules define what is allowed and not allowed in a sport. It helps make the sports fair to all participating parties. It brings order, and without rules, a game will be chaos.

Additionally, such rules are also vital to provide clear agreement and understanding of the game. If you are a novice golf player, you must abide by these seven rules of golf.

Equipment Rules

If you've watched previous golfing events before or partook in the wagering games, like the PGA tour betting, you'll know that in this sport, players are only allowed to bring a maximum of 14 clubs. These 14 clubs can be a combination of any clubs that you want to use when playing golf. So you don't need to bring exactly 14 clubs. You can still bring less if you only need a few clubs.

Additionally, it would be best to always keep your clubs in your bag. It must be inside your bag after using a club or not using it throughout the game.

The rule says that you need to finish the hole with the ball you started it with when it comes to the golf ball. Therefore, you can only change the ball between holes and not while playing a hole. But, if you lose your ball before you finish a hole, you can use a new ball as the new ball in play.

Play Within the Tee Marks

The next rule you must follow is that you should play within the tee marks. Your first tee shot is always so intimidating, even for experienced golfers. Therefore, it is normal to feel nervous when doing your first tee shot as a beginner.

However, you must always ensure that you only tee up within or behind the right tee markers. Tees come in different colored markers. Red tees are meant for ladies or boys aged 12 and up. The white tees are used by average golfers capable of driving the ball from 200 to 250 yards.

Blue tees are reserved for experienced golfers and players with a low handicap. Meanwhile, black is used for championships and other official golf events.

Keep an Appropriate Pace

You have to remember that you are not only the ones who are using the golf course. There are also other groups behind you that are waiting for their turn. Many golfers are complaining about novice players who slow everyone behind them down.

Keep this rule in mind as you play golf for the first time. Respect the other players using the golf course and have a harmonious game.

Play the Ball Exactly as Where it Lies

Moving or kicking your ball to a better position is not allowed when you think you can hit it better in golf. Avoid pressing your club down to the ground to flatten it up to make the ball lie better. However, if your ball indeed ends up lying on an unplayable lie, there are few options that you are allowed to perform.

But keep in mind that all of these options will result in one penalty stroke. So here are the options you can choose from if your ball indeed is unplayable.

1. A golfer may strike another ball from the same spot as their original shot, providing the player with another opportunity to improve at the same time.

2. Place a new ball behind the unplayable lie, ensuring it is still in the middle of the new drop and the hole.

3. Transfer the ball within two club lengths of the unplayable lie, but ensure it is not closer to the hole.

Quietly Stand Still and Out of the Way

Remember to be quiet, stand still, and not distract other players when they turn to play. Instead, watch them play and maybe learn a trick or two. It is also very disrespectful to other players if you do not pay attention to them while they are playing.

You also do not want other players to do that to you. If it is your turn, you do not want other players to be so noisy and distract you. It is best to respect one another when playing a game on a golf course.

You Are Not Allowed to Give or Ask For Advice From Other Players

Players can't ask or give game advice to other golfers during an official competition. As a player, you are only allowed to ask advice from your caddy. In addition, you are restricted from asking other players how they play a specific hole.

However, even though you are not allowed to ask for any advice, you can still ask other players about game rule clarifications, hazard positions, and distance. In addition, if you are playing with a partner, you can ask them for advice, as long as the advice is only within your team and your caddies.

Players Farthest Away From the Hole Will Shoot

This last rule we will discuss is mostly applicable to competitive games since recreational matches often follow different rules. For example, players don't follow a specific order after the first shot in recreational golf. Instead, they are allowed to shoot whenever they are ready.

Meanwhile, the players must follow a specific order throughout the holes in a competitive golf match. In this rule, the player who is farther away from the hole shoots until the hole is complete. After the first shot, players will play their turn according to who is farther from the hole.

Follow the Rule Properly

Although rules in golf can vary depending on whether you are playing a competitive match or a recreational golf game, you must still be aware of the proper rules. It is best to follow the rules imposed on competitive matches and apply them during a recreational game for you to become familiar and get used to it.

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