What is America’s Favorite Football Night?

The NFL is one of the most popular televised viewing pleasures for sports fans across America. The fact that there are games screened three nights a week makes this the most exciting season of all national sports, and in states where betting is legal, viewers can also enjoy a cheeky little bet or two as they cheer on their favorite teams.

Sportbook Betting

From Saturday night football lines to ATS and Over/Under, football betting is the biggest of all the sportsbook markets. With teams playing once a week, there is an art to correctly predicting the outcome. Of course, some loyal fans will bet on their team even when they are the clear underdog and likely to lose, but this is a serious betting business for others. With a good few days between teams, there is plenty of time to study statistics and read up on player predictions before committing and placing your bet. Then you can sit back and enjoy the action on a Thursday, Saturday, or Monday night, but which night pulls the biggest crowd?

Sunday Night Games

Sunday night marks the end of the weekend and makes another excellent pull for NFL fans to grab a cold one and watch the action before accepting the inevitable approach of Monday morning. The Sunday screening ranked the number one primetime show in 16 out of 18 weeks. Some have attributed this to easier access via streaming channels, but dyed in the wool; fans say the sport is the draw. When the Buccaneers played the Patriots in the 2021 season, the viewing figures topped 27.2 million. The lowest Sunday night figures came in from Saints/Buccaneers at 18.4 million.

Monday Night Football

Of course, there is an element of which teams are playing and where we are in the season, but Monday night football seems to be the ideal way to wind up the worst working day of the week because let's face it, who doesn't hate Mondays? In December 2021, the viewing figures for Monday night screenings were at an all-time high. In Week 13, New England at Buffalo, the Monday game, saw figures across ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ABC top 14.9 million. This went up the following week for Los Angles at Arizona which pulled a viewing figure of 15.9 million out of the hat. The record for Monday night viewers currently stands at 17 million, achieved in Baltimore's season opener at Las Vegas.

Thursday Night Viewing

Thursday seems to be the least popular night in terms of viewing figures, even when some of the most revered teams are playing. In the 2021 Week 16 fixture between the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans, just 7.9 million fans tuned in to the game. Although in Week 15, when the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Los Angeles Chargers, over 17.86 million were glued to the screen. It seems to vary, but Thursday is often the quietest night for the NFL games viewing audiences, suggesting other midweek commitments take priority.

The Most Popular Night?

There is little doubt that the most popular night for watching the NFL is Sunday. It is likely to be because viewers still enjoy the weekend vibe and don't want it to end. Of course, the teams themselves will have some bearing on how popular the game is, so it isn't all just down to the day of the week. The season tends to take place from September to January. Plenty of events influence how much time fans have spare to watch television, including Thanksgiving, which is always a Thursday and Christmas events throughout December.

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