Who Are Miami Heat Considering For Trade?

The Miami Heat are undoubtedly under a lot of pressure. Injuries and other mishaps lead the team into a disappointing season thus far. Experts predict that Miami needs to make serious trades to get back that killer edge for 2020/21. But who's on the Heat's radar, and who might turn things around for the team?

Bradley Beal

If there's one player the Heat have kept their eyes on for a while, it's Bradley Beal. Beal is keen to try and make the most of his position with the Washington Wizards, which might be an issue.

However, Miami may be likely to try and sneak in a trade for the star ahead of deadline. What it will take for Beal's move to conclude, no one knows precisely. Could it mean serving up a few of the Heat's B-Team, or a few of the bigger names in the trade?

Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay is an NBA veteran that's also in the Heat's sights. The team arguably needs big points pullers right now -- could there be a more prominent agent than Gay to secure this? It's always worth keeping an eye on NBA picks (available at https://edge.twinspires.com/nba/nba-free-picks-expert-predictions) to get the latest buzz.

Gay's contract is coming up, which makes him a more likely steal for the Heat than Beal. However, Gay is one of the court's older players, meaning they may not have much play time left with him.

Andre Drummond

Rumors are circulating that Andre Drummond, still making big plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, could head to the Heat. The strength behind this rumor is that Cleveland already has a strong enough team ready to go.

Drummond's name is popping up across the web, thanks to his veteran status. There's also the fact that the Cavaliers already have a pretty good game plan. They could, therefore, quite quickly release the star over to the Heat, where his talents will be of more use.

Victor Oladipo

Heat fans are probably bored stiff of this rumor, but Oladipo is still on the trade speculation block. For months on end, fans and insiders sent speculation sky-high concerning who could head to the Houston Rockets in return for the offensive ace.

Rumors are rife that the Heat may have to jettison Tyler Herro to seal this kind of deal. Is that a sacrifice they are going to be willing to make? With Miami struggling so far this season, it might take desperate measures to get their heads above water again.

The Deadline is Looming

NBA trade endpoint is getting closer and closer. Therefore, the Miami Heat need to have a deal sealed and ready to go by March 25, 2021 -- otherwise, they'll have to continue as-is.

Could this be the point where things turn around for the Heat? What sacrifices are they willing to make in the trade? It's going to make for a tense March.

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