Women Coaching in the NFL

In the United States, as many women grow up watching NFL football as men. Sets all across the country have televised NFL games since 1962. It makes sense that women, who are as competitive as men, would become fans of the most heavily marketed sport in the nation.

When Samantha Rappaport contacted current commissioner Roger Goodell about women careers in the NFL, Goodell was all for it. The conversation happened around 2015.

Five years later, the NFL has begun to boost women hires throughout the league. Earlier this year, before Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Microsoft ran a commercial for their Surface tablet showcasing Katie Sowers.

Sowers is a 49ers' offensive assistant who helped Kyle Shanahan create the league's second-ranked offense in rushing and points per. The commercial was the first time many Americans had met an NFL woman coach.

Sowers isn't just a woman. She's also a lesbian, which made her the first openly gay and woman coach in the Super Bowl.

Kaite Sowers sits on the Advisory Board of the Women's Football Alliance, the longest-running women's tackle football league in the world. Another member, Lori Locust, is in her second year as a defensive line assistant coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rappaport worked her way up the league's chain to become the NFL's Director of Diversity and Inclusion. She will work with the WFA to discover women's talent for the NFL's coaching ranks.

The Women's Football Alliance recently created a Coaching Alliance of which Locust is a significant part.

Locust explained why the Women's Football Alliance felt it necessary to create the Coaching Alliance. "Typically for a man, he plays football, goes on to assist for a college program, and then works his way up."

Locust added that, "It's hit-or-miss for women. We have to gather experience where we can. With the Coaching Alliance, women will have the opportunity to shadow and get educational programs."

Sam Rappaport and the NFL have created the Women's Career in Football Forum. One of the statements on the site is, "the Women's Careers in Football Forum helps the NFL identify women currently working in college football to join its next generations of leaders."

The organization's mission is "inspiring, educating, and connecting female candidates for Football Operations positions in professional and collegiate football."

Both the Women's Career in Football Forum and the Women's Coaching Alliance should help Rappaport, Sowers, Locust, and others like Venessa Hutchinson, the former Football Operations and Player Personnel Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns, increase women hires throughout the league.

The goal isn't just to put women into NFL coaching positions. Locust stressed that the Coaching Alliance wants to "put the right people in the right positions."

Locust coaches for one of the most hyped squads heading into the 2020-2021 NFL season. In many sportsbooks, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds dropped significantly from +5000.

In pph sportsbooks, the odds on the Bucs are at +1200. Pay per head agents, those who use bookie software to offer betting options, often have their ears to the ground. Bookies can only offer odds that attract wagering from their players.

If pay-per-head bookies believe the Bucs are a Super Bowl favorite, it's true. It means that Locust, Sowers, and other women coaches in the NFL aren't "token" hires.

Locust worked for 20 years as an insurance agent. During that time, she attended coaching clinics and went to coaching camps. She learned her craft and worked her way to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Katie Sowers played quarterback and defensive back in the Women's Football Alliance. She had dreamed of playing football since she was a child.
Sowers could be on the fast track to becoming the league's first women NFL head coach. Kyle Shanahan runs one of the most complicated offensive systems in the league. It is challenging to master, but it's also one that other organizations want to copy.

Success breeds success, and in today's NFL, gender doesn't matter as much as winning football games. If the 49ers have a great season, like Tampa they're a favorite in bookie software run pph sportsbooks, expect Sowers to get a few offensive coordinator position calls during the offseason.
Coaching talent is talent, no matter the gender. NFL teams are quickly learning that.

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