Down to the Wire … Again

With only one week left in the 2006 college football regular season, it is looking like the BCS will once again escape any major controversy. This will happen because after USC's 44-24 victory over Notre Dame, the Trojans have the inside track to face Ohio State in the BCS title game on January 8, 2007. They are now 10-1 with only their rival UCLA left to play. There are some that believe the even if the Trojans win out, they are not worthy to play in the national title game over Michigan.

Upon further review, the case can be made that the Trojans truly are the nation's second best team. First, check out their non-conference schedule. Though they lost to Oregon State (who by the way is 8-4), the Trojans have beaten Arkansas, Nebraska, and now Notre Dame. Arkansas and Nebraska are playing in the SEC and Big 12 championship games, respectively, and Notre Dame is 10-2.

Compare that to the non-conference schedule of Michigan's. The Wolverines have faced Vanderbilt, Central Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ball State. With the exception of Notre Dame, those teams don't exactly scream out powerhouse to you. If that's not enough, the Trojans have faced and defeated Oregon, California, and Notre Dame over the past three weeks, while Michigan has defeated Northwestern, Ball State, and Indiana before losing to Ohio State.

Personally, I am a Michigan fan. But Michigan had their shot, and they didn't defeat the Buckeyes. In the absence of a true Division I playoff system, teams can only make their case on the field, when given the opportunity. While the first UM/OSU game was a classic, I am not so sure the second game will be as close of a game. The past is littered with examples (Florida vs. FSU, etc.) of classic games whose rematches let the public down.

While the rivalry of Ohio State versus Michigan is there, USC also has storylines, such as the Trojans trying to win their third title in four years or how the Trojans have constantly reloaded over this period and have achieved a 55-3 record over their last 58 games.

In conclusion, the truth of the matter is that a playoff system is needed. Every year, the BCS comes closer and closer to complete and utter chaos. Since there is no playoff system in place for the foreseeable future, we get to debate who should play for the national title every year.

While this is fun and always exciting, I would love to see the top eight in the BCS standings battle each other out on the field. That way we could see these wonderful matchups and have a true championship where the yearly cries of some team who feels that they were left out of the national title discussion. This season, however, the most likely matchup, barring any unforeseen upsets, for the national title is the University of Southern California versus Ohio State. Go Trojans. See, I told you I was a Michigan fan.

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November 27, 2006


A real Michigan fan would never root for USC over a Big 10 opponent, even Ohio State.

November 29, 2006

Gregory Zilba:

Great article! I too, am a Michigan fan and was pretty upset when Michigan fell to #3 in the BCS. This article brings a sense of reason to the situation, and takes emotion out of the argument. Makes a good case for the Trojans. Nice job!


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