ADHD Power Hour: Randy Moss Edition

Hello. The third edition of the ADHD Power Hour starts!

18. Arctic Monkeys. Favourite Worst Nightmare. Rocks.

17. Root canals suck.

16. To all those who doubt the Patriots picking up Randy Moss (and it's about 50-50) — two names to keep in mind: Corey Dillon and John Bowie.

Dillon had an even worse reputation than Moss when he came to the Pats for a second-round pick in the 2004 draft. He had quit on the Cincinnati Bengals, going so far as to throw his shoulder pads into the stands after his last game. When he got to Foxborough, it was months before he got to answer a question about something other than his reputation. But when Dillon finally got with a winning program, he was solid gold. Sure, he could still get prickly with the media, but who wouldn't? It's Boston. They're dicks.

And that's the thing with guys like Dillon and Moss: their "character" issues are mostly a direct result of continuous losing as part of flailing franchises. Don't underestimate how badly these guys want a ring. At 30-years-old, Moss will do anything to win. Anything. And considering he's still a freak of nature athletically (4.3 40 sound okay?), that's a good thing. Also a good thing: upgrading from Aaron Brooks to Tom Brady and from Art Shell to Bill Belichick.

As for Mr. Bowie, the University of Cincinnati cornerback chosen with the 110th selection in the draft has the distention of having already been traded for one of the most talented receivers in NFL history. (I said talented, not best. Get off my back.) So this question to those who have issues with the move: would you not trade John Bowie for Randy Moss?

15. Speaking of controversy, Ted Ginn, Jr. instead of Brady Quinn certainly provoked its share of negative reaction in Miami. I'm really kind of torn. On the one hand, Ginn is a potential game-breaker every time he touches the ball. I'm not nearly as down on the selection as a lot of people. On the other hand, this foot problem is going to dog him his entire rookie season (see Moss, Sinorice), and they passed up a potential franchise quarterback in Brady Quinn. This John Beck from BYU better be way more Steve Young than Ty Detmer.

14. Best five drafts other than the Pats: Buffalo (thought they reached for Marshawn Lynch, but Paul Posluszny in the second and Trent Edwards in the third were great picks), Arizona (nailed all five of their selections, getting steals with Alan Branch in the second and Delaware TE Ben Patrick in the seventh), Carolina (Jon Beason, Dwayne Jarrett, and Ryan Kalil may be best 1-2-3 picks of any team in the league), Cleveland (aside from Joe Thomas and Quinn, Eric Wright may turn out to be a steal and seventh-rounder Syndric Steptoe has potential as a return specialist), and Oakland (franchise QB, not to mention very good TE in Zach Miller, DE in Quentin Moses, and RB in Michael Bush).

13. Worst draft: Kansas City. It's not that I don't like Dwayne Bowe, but they blew a golden opportunity to build their offensive line with blue chip talent. Also, don't underestimate the damage done with the Larry Johnson trade talk. He's an emotional guy, and hearing the Chiefs were talking about unloading him is going to cause trouble. He's next year's Lance Briggs.

12. Five "priority" rookie free agents: Jared Zabransky (QB, Boise State), Tyler Palko (QB, Pittsburgh), Ramonce Taylor (RB, Texas), Rhema McKnight (WR, Notre Dame), Kody Bliss (P, Auburn).

11. Three worst records in baseball: Washington Nationals (8-17), Kansas City Royals (8-17), New York Yankees (9-14).

10. The Legend of Barry Baseball is nearing its climax.

9. Which do you think happens first, Barry Bonds breaking the record or Alberto Gonzales resigning?

8. How 'bout those Warriors! Baron Davis is playing possessed right now.

7. I never realized just how good a defensive player Kirk Heinrich is.

6. I'd love to see a Bulls/Cavs final in the East.

5. RIP, Josh Hancock.

4. For those Ultimate Fighter fans, good news with a quality match set for the UFC 72 card (June 16): Scott Smith vs. Ed Herman. The headliner on that card is Rich Franklin vs. Martin Kampmann. Jason McDonald will fight Rory Singer.

3. Bad news for Ultimate Fighter fans: next season's coaches are going to be Matt Serra and Matt Hughes. They'll fight for Serra's belt at the finale. I'm eager for the fight (Hughes is going to womp him, that's right — womp), but that's going to be a lot of listening to Matt Serra talk.

2. Oscar De la Hoya is going down.

1. Click clack.

Seth Doria is a freelance writer and blogger in St. Louis. For more, please visit The Left Calf.

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April 30, 2007


Dude. Koy Detmer is from Colorado-his Heisman Trophy winning NFL veteran of 12 years brother from BYU was TY.


April 30, 2007


You got me. Need more Ritalin.

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