Friday, January 13, 2012

Sports Q&A: NFL Postseason Edition

By Jeffrey Boswell

Who fired Raiders coach Hue Jackson, general manager Reggie McKenzie, or Oakland owner Mark Davis?

Neither. It was probably the medium who conducted the séance that summoned the spirit of Al Davis, who, even from the grave, is still making rash and questionable decisions that negates any continuity the Raiders had established. And speaking of questionable decisions, have you seen Mark Davis' hairdo? Straight out of Dumb and Dumber.

By the way, what did Tom Cable say when he heard of Jackson's firing? "Hue, too?"

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III declared for the NFL draft. What team is his most likely destination?

Early indications have Griffin going to the Browns, a scenario that, if it does happen, will likely have RG3 asking, "I thought I was going pro."

An inadvertent whistle cost the Detroit Lions a defensive touchdown and a 21-7 lead on the Saints in a game they eventually lost 45-28. Should the NFL address the issue of an official's whistle making a play non-reviewable?

Suffice it to say the Lions want the situation addressed. And Jim Schwartz certainly won't be happy if all he gets out of it is a friendly pat on the back.

What do you say when an official whistles prematurely? He blows. Since a premature whistle makes a play non-reviewable, the NFL needs to retrain officials on the art of non-hasty whistle-blowing. In other words, if it looks like a play that could affect the outcome of the game and you're not sure what to do, don't blow your whistle, and let replay sort it out. Not that replay is always right, but replay is right more often than officials.

Some New York Jets players anonymously ripped Mark Sanchez in a New York Daily News article, calling the young quarterback "lazy" and questioning his commitment. Is this the beginning of the end for Sanchez as a Jet?

No, the beginning of the end for Sanchez as a Jet was when the first hint of a rumor that Peyton Manning could become a Jet started. Sanchez isn't lazy, except when it comes to dating women his own age or older.

Brian Schottenheimer is out as the Jets offensive coordinator, replaced by former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano. Can Sparano add some punch to the New York offense?

Sparano should find coordinating the Jets offense to his liking. What more could he ask for? He's in New Jersey, and he's managing "garbage." It's a made-for-television situation.

As for Schottenheimer, he received condolences via phone from his father. It was a "Martycall."

Mike Mularkey was hired as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, becoming the first head coach under new owner Shahid Khan. Is Mularkey the right man for the job in Jacksonville?

Obviously, Khan knows coaches about as well as he knows fans. Khan hired Mularkey, who was the Falcons offensive coordinator, and Mularkey, in turn, hired Bob Bratkowski, his quarterbacks coach in Atlanta. Mularkey's and Bratkowski's first order of business was paring down the "quarterback sneaks" section of their play book from ten pages to zero.

Former "American Idol" Kelly Clarkson will sing the national anthem before the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on February 5th. Excited?

Call me unpatriotic, but I can't have a hand over my heart when I've got two over my ears. Clarkson's built more like a strong safety than a songstress. Looks like it's time for the Colts to pump in some more fake crowd noise.

What does the future hold for Tim Tebow?

I don't know, but he's got an eternity to find out.

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