NBA Draft Preview: Two Guys Walk Into a Bar

Let me kick you a scenario. A future NBA superstar and a first-round bust walk into a crowded bar. The bar is absolutely packed. There's not an open table or free barstool in sight, most likely because its karaoke night and the girl with excessive cleavage and a heavy pour is mending the bar. The future star contemplates leaving, though agrees to stick around if any seats opened up quickly. Just before all hope was lost, an elderly gentleman leaves his table and the first-round bust immediately grabs the hostess's attention.

"How many?" the hostess asks. "Table for one, please."

Now, at this point, you've probably already caught on. This isn't a Mensa puzzle or a brainteaser, though maybe we'll get to that if we have time. The superstar and the bust are the same person. And they are both Trae Young; it just depends who you ask.

The NBA Draft is approaching quickly, and on June 21st, the lives of a handful of collegiate athletes will change forever. Teams will strategize and maneuver in chase of the ultimate goal-winning one game in the Finals against the Warriors.

Trae Young is easily the most polarizing player in this year's draft. Last season, he took the college basketball world by storm with his unlimited range, flashy passing, and clever finishing around the rim. Both he and his Sooners cooled down as the year progressed, but Young is still a potential superstar in the eyes of many.

The Steph Curry comparisons are well founded; though I also believe he has a little Kyrie in his game, as well. Trae was more of a rim attacker off the dribble and in the pick-and-roll than Steph was in college, and has a knack for initiating contact while still finishing at the bucket. He's also more ball-dominant than Steph was, as Steph typically played off the ball running through staggered screens and spotting up while at Davidson. Nonetheless, the comparisons are both a nod to Trae's current game and his pro potential.

Oklahoma's free-fall in the second half of the season, along with his lack of size, has turned some people off though. His sometimes-questionable shot selection begs the question whether Mr. Young can be a legitimate NBA superstar and leader, or merely an inconsistent gunner who can lose a game for you just as fast as he can win one. Steph Curry is a once-in-a-generation type player, but anyone who watched the playoffs saw how teams picked on him on the defensive end. If you can't combat that with Curry-like offense, then it's hard to sell the tradeoff.

These questions won't be answered on draft night. Wherever Trae Young goes, he will have to improve all aspects of his game, especially his physical strength and understanding of how to excel as a new age-point guard in today's NBA. I'd be shocked if he fell past the top 10, and personally wouldn't let him drop past three if I'm Atlanta. This guy will sell tickets and make highlights, and I legitimately believe he can eventually morph into a scoring guard that can lead a team out of the depths of irrelevance into the playoffs.

Or he'll be a bust. What the hell do I know?

Anyway, what has four letters, sometimes has nine letters, but never has five letters. Don't stretch your brain too hard, this one's easy. See you all on draft night.

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