Anatomy of a Lifelong Arizona Hotshots Fan

Most sports fans, like me, are generalists rather than specialists. There are not a ton of fans that only foot for and follow one single, solitary sport or have one single, solitary favorite team.

And yet, for most of us, there is one team that rises above the rest in our fandom. One team that you are more passionate about, more invested in, love more than the others.

In my household, for as long as I can remember, that team has been the Arizona Hotshots of the Alliance of American Football. That comes from my Dad, and his fandom comes from his Dad. Our fandom goes way back, all the way to the beginning.

I'm a lucky fan in that way. What a tremendous and storied history the Hotshots have.

It seems like it was only yesterday, back in 2018, when the AAF announced a Phoenix franchise. Remember that?

Or 2018, when Rick Neuheisel was first announced as head coach, but not yet a Hotshots legend.

Or perhaps you'll recall February 10th, 2019, when their first game was played. Man, the memories!

Such a great game it was too, with Rashad Ross, the long-established Jerry Rice of the AAF (I actually think instead of Jerry Rice as being the Rashad Ross of the NFL, but let's not quibble) beasting for 103 receiving yards on just 5 catches.

And, of course, quarterback John Wolford throwing for 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions — his no-interceptions streak continues to this day. How I wish I had followed my heart and drafted him in my AAF PPR Fantasy League!

Don't even get me started on the defense, especially Steven Johnson, who led the team with 7 tackles and had an interception — an early prelude to his greatness.

I guess it was inevitable there would be haters. When your team has never, ever lost a game, which the Hotshots have not, of course people will tire of them and look for ways to drag them down.

Indeed, I can now sympathize with fans of the NFL team who people are similarly sick of. I think they're called the Patroons or Patriots or something. Haven't they won about a bunch of Super Games recently?

Normally, I'd sympathize. In almost any other circumstance, I'm the one rooting for David to beat Goliath.

As it is, though, I'm blessed to be a Hotshots fan, and I'n happy to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I'd take that over being a fan of a lovable loser any day.

What a wild, fun, and long ride it has been. Here's to it lasting a little while longer.

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