2019 NCAA Tournament Q&A

With the return of Zion Williamson, is Duke the favorite to take home the title?

You're asking if Duke is a "shoe-in" to win? If Williamson is healthy and on his game, then it's a big size-14 yes. However, if Williamson is injured, or Duke's spotty three-point shooting flares up, then the other shoe could drop.

What non-Power 5 teams could win two or more games in the tournament?

I have a mid-major boner for Belmont, UC-Irvine, Wofford, and Buffalo.

Minnesota and head coach Richard Pitino face Louisville in the first round. What's the significance of this matchup?

Richard Pitino is the son of Rick Pitino, who was fired as head coach from Louisville after a "pay for play" scandal in 2017. Currently, Richard Pitino is not embroiled in any recruiting scandal (see his autobiography "The Apple Does Fall Far From the Tree") and also has never been extorted by a waitress after illicit sex on a restaurant table (see Rick Pitino's best-selling erotic novel "Always Remember to Tip (and Then Some) Your Waitress.")

Did N.C. State deserve a bid?

Of the 353 teams in Division 1, N.C. State had the 353rd-ranked non-conference strength of schedule. So, the short answer is "no." Also, the essay portion says "no," as well.

What No. 1 seed could make an early exit?

That would be Virginia. After all, you can't spell au revoir without U-V-A.

Should Virginia be worried about losing to No. 16 seed Gardner Webb?

Virginia proved last year that anything can happen. And Gardner Webb is a Baptist-affiliated institution intent on "baptizing" the Wahoos. And not just a baptism with a few sprinkles of water. They're talking complete immersion in water, also known as "dunking."

If Jay Bilas managed a bracket group on ESPN, what would that group name be?

"94 Feet With Jay Bilas (and 46 Other People)."

What's an intriguing possible matchup in the South Region?

Virginia and Villanova could face off in the regional final in Louisville. What's so special about that, you may ask? Nothing about the game itself, but oh those snappily-dressed, handsome coaches, Tony Bennett and Jay Wright. They rank 1-2 in the GQI.

What's up with the hair of North Carolina point guard Coby White?

White is listed at 6'5." He's actually 5'11." It's the one time Roy Williams will say it's okay to have a big head. Around town at Chapel Hill, they call White the "Dean Dome."

Dick Vitale picked nothing but No. 1 and No. 2 seeds to advance to the Elite Eight. Could he possibly be right?

Dickie V. has complained for years that his Milk of Magnesia tastes like "chalk."

Final Four

Michigan State, Michigan, Villanova, North Carolina


North Carolina over Michigan

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