NFL Mock Draft: Coaches Edition

Back in the day, when the new Madden dropped on a marked midnight in August, it was like a holiday. My friends and I would drive to the local Walmart to scoop the game, and then engage in hours of endless gameplay that would certainly ruin our sleep schedule for the next week.

But, like millions of others who had habitual nightmares of the red ring, before we could start our multi-player dynasty, we would do a fantasy draft. That's right, 52-rounds straight. Living as the General Manager and crafting your team from scratch is the ultimate feeling, and winning the big game with a homemade roster is even better.

With the real NFL draft around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to conduct a similar "fantasy" draft in accordance with the current draft order. However, today, we'll be mock drafting the top 15 picks in next week's draft using the current NFL head coaches. See how it plays out below.

1. Arizona Cardinals — Bill Belichick

Reaction: Do you ever think the top guy in any draft kind of wishes he wasn't the top guy so he didn't have the pressure of trying to rebuild a team that is just plain awful? I tend to think that players don't feel that way, but Belichick can't be happy to have to coach an Arizona team that couldn't get out of its own way a year ago. If anyone was going to turn Josh Rosen into a competent player, it would be Belichick, though I'd have to think he would be putting him on the trade block before he signed his contract.

2. San Francisco 49ers — Sean McVay

Reaction: With Jimmy Garroppolo back, this is a perfect fit for Sean McVay, boy-genius. This guy knows how to design and run an offense, and he will remain in a division he already knows and has conquered. He will look to find some new toys for Jimmy G to play with.

3. New York Jets — Sean Payton

Reaction: Another guy that knows quarterbacks, and will be given one who is young and extremely talented. Payton will be able to help build on Sam Darnold's rookie year and allow him to reach his potential so long as the refs decide to throw a pass interference flag. The New York spotlight won't scare Payton, either.

4. Oakland Raiders — Jon Gruden

Reaction: Woah! A bit of a reach here, don't you think Oakland? They got their guy they wanted. Let's hope they don't blow it.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Jon Harbaugh

Reaction: The Buccaneers were at their peak when they played smash-mouth offense and aggressive defense. Granted, they were more talented then, though Harbaugh is the guy to create that culture for Tampa again. Jameis Winston is too wild with the ball to single-handedly lead this team to prominence. They need a full schematic change.

6. New York Giants — Andy Reid

Reaction: This is a steal for New York. Andy Reid knows this division. Andy Reid knows how to get explosive running backs in space. Andy Reid loves a good New York slice. Russel Wilson to the Giants wouldn't hurt, either.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars — Pete Carroll

Reaction: Despite the cool-guy look Pete Carroll tries to portray, he knows and can teach discipline in Jacksonville, a place where discipline is desperately needed. Let's not forget this team was just one win away from the Super Bowl two years ago, with Blake Bortles no less. Nick Foles at the helm and Carroll on the sidelines chewing gum like a maniac will get this team back to where they want to be.

8. Detroit Lions — Bill O'Brien

Reaction: Another hard-nosed guy that matches the intensity of the city he'll be coaching in. I'm not exactly sure what the Lions need to escape the purgatory they've seemingly been stuck in forever, but O'Brien isn't a bad pick here.

9. Buffalo Bills — Doug Pederson

Reaction: Josh Allen has a unique skill-set, and the Bills need a coach who can get creative to maximize that. Pederson, who was an unknown just a few years prior, is the guy for the job. The New England era has to come to an end at some point, and with Pederson, the Bills may be next in line.

10. Denver Broncos — Ron Rivera

Reaction: I think Riverboat Ron gets a bad rap. His defensive background fits what Denver is trying to do. We can only hope John Elway doesn't find another Paxton Lynch in the players-draft.

11. Cincinnati Bengals — Frank Reich

Reaction: Reich exploded onto the scene last year and brought a Colts team to the playoffs that most people were destined for failure and a bum shoulder. This Bengals team won't have high expectations, either, and Reich will try to pull the same magic act.

12. Green Bay Packers — Matt Nagy

Reaction: Matt Nagy has a good offensive mind, but will Aaron Rodgers listen to him? Find out on next week's episode of "The Bachelor," where Aaron Rodger's brother airs the family's dirty laundry.

13. Miami Dolphins — Anthony Lynn

Reaction: One of the most underrated coaches in the league in my mind. He will have to rebuild this team from the ground up, as Jake Ruddock and Luke Falk is their quarterback situation. Don't worry, Google doesn't know who they are, either.

14. Atlanta Falcons — Mike Vrabel

Reaction: Another undisciplined team filling a draft need. Football is a game of inches, and the Falcons lost so many close games last year. Vrabel will focus on the little things.

15. Washington Redskins — Mike Zimmer

Reaction: This guy is hard to get a read on. Sometimes I think he's great, and sometimes I think he needs a pink slip. Nonetheless, reuniting Adrian Peterson with his old coach isn't a bad play by Washington.

Part two forthcoming next week.

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