NFL Network Preaseason Power Rankings

These are the NFL Network power rankings, courtesy of Dan Hanzus.

1. New England
2. L.A. Rams
3. New Orleans
4. Kansas City
5. Indianapolis
6. Philadelphia
7. Chicago
8. Dallas
9. Pittsburgh
10. Seattle
11. L.A. Chargers
12. Baltimore
13. Minnesota
14. Houston
15. Green Bay
16. Cleveland
17. Atlanta
18. Jacksonville
19. Tennessee
20. Carolina
21. Denver
22. N.Y. Jets
23. Buffalo
24. San Francisco
25. Oakland
26. Detroit
27. N.Y. Giants
28. Washington
29. Tampa Bay
30. Cincinnati
31. Arizona
32. Miami

Most of these rankings appear pretty straightforward — but some of them are, how shall we say, outliers:

The Chiefs at #4? Without Kareem Hunt? And they made no move to replace him. Matthew Stafford's record of 727 pass attempts in a season, established in 2012, will be broken by Patrick Mahomes — providing Mahomes survives the entire season in one piece.

The Colts at #5? Obviously, this one will need to be revised down — way down — with Andrew Luck's sudden retirement announcement. Colin Kaepernick, anyone?

The Steelers at #9? No Antonio Brown — and they were 31st in the league in rushing last year, and did not address the running back position significantly in either free agency or the draft.

The Packers at #15? As Frank Nitti liked to say, Green Bay is yesterday's breakfast.

The Jaguars at #18? Guess Dan Hanzus is a Nick Foles skeptic.

The 49ers at #24? Hanzus must be a Jimmy Garoppolo skeptic too — but between Garoppolo's devastating ACL injury and his zero passer rating in his preseason debut, it may be argued that Hanzus can hardly be blamed.

And Miami dead last? Pretty cheeky been as they finished 7-9 last year. But most of those "Top 100 Players in the NFL" rankings do not include a single Dolphin, so maybe there is something to it.

You can learn a lot from paying attention to what scrolls across the bottom of a screen.

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