How COVID-19 Affects NBA Sports Betting

The NBA is set to return at the end of July and with it, a rush of sports betting opportunities. However, it's unclear whether the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will have any effect on the sporting competition. Let's take a look.

Betting on the NBA in 2020

Sports betting websites are currently preparing for all upcoming NBA bets when the league kicks off at the end of next month. Since the COVID-19 virus hasn't disappeared, however, there's still some risk involved when it comes to wagering on the major basketball tournament,

Currently, users can still make bets such as the outright NBA winner, the Conference winner, as well as more outright bets, and the odds look decent. It's unlikely that the COVID-19 pandemic will affect this as most players are currently safe from the virus. However, it's important to point out that if one player becomes infected, the entire team would have to be placed into quarantine.

This can cause an issue as any game featuring the team will have to either be delayed or completely cancelled. It could mean that the current season will be extended or potentially delayed. What's more, gambling websites will have to decide what to do with bets on quarantined teams -- will they be cancelled and refunded or held until the match takes place?

It's precisely what happened in the United Kingdom when the Premier League went into lockdown for several months. For a long time, and due to a lack of communication from the operators, bettors didn't know what would happen to their already placed bets. And remember, we're speaking about the largest regulated gambling market in the world here. Luckily, the Premier League resumed with their schedule as of last week and is planning on finishing the season 2019-20.

These uncertainties make long-term betting, such as wagering on the winner of the league, much more difficult. Most people place these bets before the league starts but teams being placed into quarantine or pulled from the event due to COVID-19 infections could make for a frustrating experience for many punters.

Rather than placing long-term bets, the risk may cause punters to wager more on individual matches and games as they look to be less risky than long-term wagers.

Sports Betting and COVID-19

Most of what we've said above will apply to most upcoming sports games, competitions, and events. While those delayed until next year and beyond are less likely to be affected by the pandemic, it's the sports and competitions taking place over the next few months punters should be concerned about.

There's always a risk of something going around but players, punters, and fans alike will have to remain hopeful that the games will go on as planned and unaffected. Unfortunately, this means waiting it out and seeing what happens.

Alternatives to Real-Life Sports Betting

If you still believe that wagering on real-life sports is still too risky, there are alternatives. You can instead wager on virtual sports games, which run frequently and will not be affected by the pandemic. Although these games won't have the excitement of betting on the large-scale competitions, many punters still find them fun as they feature life-like visuals and sounds, as well as fictional characters and teams. Most betting websites now offer virtual sports, so you'll have no problem finding and enjoying this.

Regardless of what you decide to do, it's important you remain safe and regulate your spending, more so now than ever before. Keep an eye on the news, keep track of all information on betting websites, and follow your favorite teams to ensure you know exactly what's happening.

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