Tuesday, September 21, 2021

“The Kaepernick Effect”: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

By Anthony Brancato

Dave Zirin, a knee-jerk radical who is the sports editor for Nation magazine, a columnist for The Progressive, and is a regular guest on ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC — talk about impeccable far-left credentials! — used the last-named medium to promote his latest book on Friday, The Kaepernick Effect.

The "effect," which is no relation to the "Heiden Effect" at the 1980 Winter Olympics, has been quite different from what Zirin claims that it is, causing as it has tens of millions of older whites becoming ex-NFL watchers and ticket-buyers, forcing teams to lower their ticket prices dramatically in a frantic effort to replace affluent older whites in the stadiums with people of more modest incomes, regardless of race. A quick glance at the ticket prices on ESPN's website will reveal just how drastic the price drops are.

(One of the "bright spots" on the price list was Week 2's the 49ers at Eagles game — at least from Jeffrey Lurie's perspective anyway. As Robert Plant, the lead singer for Led Zeppelin, sang in Stairway to Heaven, it makes you wonder).

At least arguably, desecrating the national anthem is illegal pursuant to two Supreme Court decisions — Schenk v. United States in 1919 (the famous "Shouting 'Fire!' in a crowded theater" case), and Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire in 1942 (which ruled that "fighting words" are not protected under the First Amendment).

Given the current Supreme Court's 6-3 conservative majority, it is rather surprising that some right-wing pressure group hasn't filed an amicus curiae brief to criminalize these desecrations — a thought that would have been utterly preposterous even in the Reagan '80s.

And since whites still make up 60% of the country's population, as the 2020 Census revealed, wouldn't these rabble-rousing athletes be better off trying to pluck off as many white supporters for their cause as possible? You don't do that by flaunting flagrantly anti-American behavior.

In addition to abolishing "qualified immunity," other potential remedial measures include legalizing marijuana for all purposes nationwide, thus reducing the number of contacts between law enforcement officers and communities of color by at least half (and not only that, but under the new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players' union, the league no longer includes "weed" in its drug-testing program), universally legalizing the concealed carry of firearms (at any one time, approximately 95% of those serving time under the restrictive, confiscatory gun laws on the books in the various states are African-American or Latino).

This will also abolish the controversial — to say the least — "stop and frisk" procedure en passant, because what the police would be looking for in essentially all stop-and-frisk situations will no longer be illegal to possess (and this would also be supported by such groups as the NRA and Gun Owners of America, unless they choose to take what would be a blatantly hypocritical stance).

A fourth — and seemingly, most dramatic — proposal is to have only black officers patrol predominantly black neighborhoods, and only Hispanic officers to patrol predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods. And it is only seemingly dramatic because it has been done before — in Boston in 1850, when a large number of Irish Catholic police officers were hired to patrol the city's Irish neighborhoods ("Southie" and Charlestown) after the Irish complained of the brutal, discriminatory treatment they were receiving at the hands of WASP cops.

Thus began the tradition of the Irish police officer — openly celebrated even today in such TV shows as Blue Bloods — which quickly spread both beyond Boston, and to other uniformed services, most notably fire departments.

Imagine this being done today, in every city in the country, except that now it would be truly massive numbers of new black and Hispanic cops getting hired. It won't take long before the culture of racism that has cast a dark shadow over our police departments for literally decades disappears as quickly and as surely as if a magician had waved a wand at it.

And where is Minister Louis Farrakhan when we really need him? Although this time around, we would be better off if he organizes 50 separate marches, instead of his "Million Man March" on Washington in 1995, which occurred on October 16 of that year, so he still has enough time to schedule the 50 marches on the 26th anniversary of the original event — the idea being to go to every state capitol to lobby for the repeal of qualified immunity in each state. And just think: Minister Farrakhan can regale us with a rambling discourse on the significance of the number 26, the way he did about the significance of the number 19 at the first gathering!

But none of these things will ever happen, so long as these impudent, arrogant seditionists (and besides being seditious, they are also selfish and inconsiderate, since their dumb little act is costing the owners tons of money, and could force the owners to postpone or even cancel their future expansion plans, which are rumored to be on the drawing board) keep waving red rags at the bull that is white America in general, and older white America — see the "Hard Hat Riot" — in particular.

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