A Closer Look at Michael Jordan’s $8 Million Yacht

Michael Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets and possibly the greatest basketball player of all-time, dropped the bag on an impressive yacht in 2021. Named Catch 23, it cost a whopping $8 million and currently sits in the harbor of Jupiter, Florida.

The name has a triple meaning. It invokes the famous book and old saying "Catch 22" while integrating the boat's main function — fishing — and Jordan's iconic basketball number, 23.

This yacht is just the latest example of Jordan's competitive nature and propensity to drop serious dough on his various hobbies. Aside from his accomplishments on the basketball court, Jordan is an avid gambler, golfer, and accomplished fisherman, participating in deep-sea fishing tournaments in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

Let's take a closer look at Catch 23's features and see what all the fuss is about.

Aboard Catch 23

Catch 23 is a Viking 80 made by Viking Yachts, one of the most prestigious yacht manufacturers in the world. It's a 2018 model with some balanced measurements:

- 84 feet long
- 103 tons
- Standard MTU naval engine
- Tops out at 40 knots (about 48 mph)
- Range of over 500 nautical miles
- 2,600-gallon fuel capacity
- Fits eight guests and two crew members

The boat's hull has an elephant wrap with a blue, white, and grey color scheme. These colors invoke the Jordan 3 basketball shoe and his college days at the University of North Carolina, where he rocked Tar Heel blue as a promising young NBA prospect.

The deck is designed for functionality, with a standard layout and plenty of seats and storage to handle a deep-sea fishing expedition. As you will see, Catch 23 is more of a hobby vessel than a refuge for relaxation. Still, the interior has enough luxurious features to make up for it.

The interior has a pleasing design, with white leather seating and smooth hardwood tables. There are couches for lounging, booths, and bar seats for eating, and an impressive kitchen with white marble countertops.

The hangout areas and sleeping arrangements comfortably fit 10 people (although the master bedroom takes up most of the space). The bathroom has a sizable shower, making hygiene a much easier task than on other ships.

Not that Jordan needs to watch his spending — he has a net worth of over $2 billion — but he did overpay for Catch 23. The vessel notably cost $2 million above the Viking 80's original value for two reasons: the custom design and the overall spike in boat prices. Boat prices have risen by almost 10% in recent years, enticing many people to sell their boats just to break even. We don't think Jordan will have this problem, but other boat owners should be aware of this trend.

Catch 23's Performance

Catch 23 isn't a fancy yacht by upper-class standards. You can certainly find more extravagant yachts in the water, including another owned by Jordan. His other yacht is a 230-footer named Joy that cost $80 million, but he can't exercise his competitive spirit on such a leisurely behemoth. This time, he opted for a sleek multipurpose vessel, just like his style of play on the court.

Catch 23 has a custom frame built for both leisure and competitive fishing. It has plenty of space for a small crew and all the capabilities to handle deep-sea fishing. Jordan himself caught a 442-pound marlin as captain of the ship at the 2020 Big Rock Fishing Tournament in North Carolina. He also caught a 25-pound mahi-mahi (dolphinfish) at the same tournament in 2021. Those catches earned him eighth and fourth place, respectively.

Notorious for his obsessive winner's mentality, Jordan made a point to win a fishing event with his prized vessel. He accomplished that goal by taking first place at the 2021 Buccaneer sail-fishing tournament in North Palm Beach, Florida. Although Jordan wasn't the captain, he reeled in two of the seven sailfish Catch 23 caught during the two-day event.

When he's not participating in world-class fishing tournaments, you might spot Jordan lounging on Catch 23 at its designated spot in the Jupiter harbor, casting lines and enjoying the boat's luxurious features.

Find Your Catch 23

While you probably don't have $8 million lying around to spend on a high-class yacht, you might have the funds to invest in a reliable compact fishing vessel. Boating is a challenging but fulfilling hobby, with energetic and relaxing features that everyone can enjoy. If you've always wanted a boat, start your search now and you might find your own Catch 23.

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