Jesters Quart

The Fan Outrage Outage

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski looks at a fan culture that has gone from bristling at the over-commercialization in sports to one that gladly accepts college bowl games named after pizza companies and chicken sandwiches. Complete Story

Tuna/Fish, Repeating on You

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski looks at the abrupt departure of Bobby Petrino from the Atlanta Falcons and the return of Bill Parcells to the NFL with the Miami Dolphins — two football men who know all about leaving on their own terms. Complete Story

Lenny Dykstra, From ‘Nails’ to Nailed

Sports PhotoFor years, Lenny Dykstra had been dogged by steroid rumors. SC’s Greg Wyshynski comments on finding one of his favorite players named in George Mitchell’s steroid report, and examines what the report really means for baseball and its fans. Complete Story

Did David Stern Just Ruin Basketball?

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of the Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski examines the Dallas Mavericks’ protest of a recent NBA game, and wonders if Commissioner David Stern’s reaction to it has exposed one of the league’s biggest shortcomings. Complete Story

Limiting the Sean Taylor Impact

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski believes there are three reasons why the impact of Sean Taylor’s tragic death was diminished, and lays the blame on the Washington, DC media’s constant Redskins saturation. Complete Story

Our Stupid Sports Apology Culture

Sports PhotoThe University of Wyoming’s football coach recently found himself in hot water for making an unfortunate gesture during a big loss. In this week’s Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski says why he doesn’t think Glenn has anything to be sorry about. Complete Story

The Case For Lindros

Sports PhotoEric Lindros has retired from the NHL, and now the Hockey Hall of Fame debate can officially begin. In this week’s Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski weighs in on No. 88’s career and whether or not he’s the “Hamlet” of hockey. Complete Story

The A-Rod Conundrum

Sports PhotoSC’s Greg Wyshynski is a Mets fan with a war being waged in his brain: the impulsive fan who thinks Alex Rodriguez could help the team and, therefore, hurt the Yankees, and the rational thinker who believes A-Rod on the Mets is bad news. Complete Story

The End of the Torre Dynasty

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Jester’s Quart, SC’s Greg Wyshynski explains why manager Joe Torre’s break with the New York Yankees is good for both parties, and celebrates a man whom he feels deserves to be on the Mount Rushmore of New York sports. Complete Story

Strikeforce Marino

Sports PhotoSC’s Greg Wyshynski saw something extraordinary this week: Dan Marino making a passionate and intelligent point as a football commentator. And it was a dark period in NFL labor history that stoked that passion. More in the Jester’s Quart. Complete Story

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