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MLB - No Consequences for Arizona DJ?

By Jon Collins
Sunday, October 6th, 2002
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In an era where "shock-jocks" seem to rule the morning radio waves, another story comes of a DJ who went way over the line. KUPD disc jockey and member of the "Morning Sickness" show Beau Duran called Flynn Kile, Darryle Kile's widow this week.

In the prank call, Duran said, "We saw you on TV the other night, and you're very attractive. You're hot. Are you going to the game today? Do you have a date?"

This gross attempt at humor has both sides of the Cardinals/Diamondbacks series up-in-arms. Especially St. Louis skipper Tony LaRussa, "I'm vehement in saying that whoever is responsible should suffer serious and dire consequences," La Russa told the Associated Press. "If we could get our hands on them, we would deal with them physically. It was so brutal that something should happen to them. I hope whoever was responsible gets nailed."

However, LaRussa is not the only one upset. Diamondback president Rich Dozer said he was "mortified," "It was out of line. He should not have said what he said."

All this said, the press is reporting that there is no intention of the Sandusky Group (who owns KUPD) to take any action against Duran. Sandusky market manager Chuck Artigue called the prank "guys being guys, but in terribly bad taste, in his opinion." On KUPD's web site, Duran is listed as suspended and the station has also issued an apology to all the parties involved.

In my opinion, it is absolutely repulsive for a radio personality to call up a dead man's wife, broadcast her on the air, and hit on her. However, it comes as no surprise. Today's radio media has been slowly lowering the standard on what they deem acceptable and unacceptable. "If it gains viewers, then it must be okay" seems to be the motto of most radio shock-jocks. However, free speech is vital to this countries greatness. But there still needs to be some sort of censorship on content that is published to the public.

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