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NHL - Rules Are Rules

By Glenn McCready
Sunday, October 6th, 2002
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For the first time in three years, we begin a new NHL season with some new rules in place, some good, some not so good. Let's have a look, shall we? You can make your own judgements. I'll concentrate on the four I feel are the most important.

1) Obstruction

Now I know what you're thinking, "Didn't they try this one already?". Yes, they did, and abandoned it right away. If this is enforced, I mean really enforced, it's going to open up the game to what it should be, fast and exciting. What a pleasure it'll be to watch guys like Pavel Bure and Peter Forsberg and Alexander Mogilny do what they do, instead of the wrestling matches (see: trap) that occur most nights. With all the talk from the league about bringing in more fans, an exciting product is a good start.

2) Abuse of Officials

Slamming the stick against the boards, slamming the penalty box door, and a teammate or coach arguing a call will all result in a minor penalty. Again, in theory, a great idea. Watch a game, and sure, as a soccer player will go down like he's shot from the slightest bump, every hockey player cries injustice over every penalty call. This will also make the game a bit more pleasant to the casual fan. And maybe we can stop hearing announcers use that ridiculous "he's really getting his money's worth" nonsense when someone gets called and starts to jaw at the officials.

3) Line Changes

The visiting team now has five seconds to get their line out for the faceoff after a stoppage. The home team then has eight seconds after that to do the same. And if the center isn't ready, too bad, they're dropping the puck. Good. Now we can stop all this idiotic jousting at the circle. You're not ready? Tough luck, pal, move it along.

4) Icing

If a long pass goes through the crease, icing will no longer be waved off. Not really sure of the point here, if they really wanted to make a significant icing change, maybe make a no touch-up rule. one other change this year is the nets above the boards. This is also probably a good idea, after the tragic death of the young girl in Columbus last season. People have complained a bit about being able to see, but it's a net, for goodness sake, not a wooden barrier. There's nothing wrong with making sure nothing like that ever happens again.

So there they are, like 'em or not. New rules, new focus on them. Will it work? I, for one, hope so. To any and all detractors, especially those questioning the "obstruction" rules, notice there is no rule against checking, just grabbing. Checking is a great part of the game, when done right. So with the puck set to drop and yet another season ready to go, good luck to all, and let's sit back and watch some real hockey!

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