Can Texas Secure a Spot in CFB Playoff?

The Texas Longhorns, a historically successful college football program, has faced challenges in recent years, with no national championship since 2005 and a playoff absence since 2009. However, the team has been actively working to regain its prominence, and after an 8-5 season in 2022, there is a renewed sense of optimism for the upcoming 2023 season.

To secure a spot in the College Football Playoff, Texas will need several favorable circumstances to align in its favor. Let's explore the scenarios that could lead to the Longhorns' playoff contention.

Claiming the Big 12 Title

Since joining the Big 12 in 1994, Texas has only won the conference championship three times, with the most recent victory in 2019. To have a shot at the playoffs this season, the Longhorns must reclaim the title. As they have only one year remaining in the conference before moving to the SEC, this is their final opportunity to compete for a Big 12 championship. Fortunately, the goal seems achievable and within reach for Texas this year, according to the latest college football odds.

Consistency in Offense and QB Controversy

Achieving a playoff berth in the upcoming season requires the Texas Longhorns to maintain a high level of consistency in every offensive aspect, with a particular emphasis on the quarterback position. Quin Ewers, in his first year as a starter, showed glimpses of potential and promise. However, he must elevate his performance to effectively lead the offense. Additionally, Arch Manning, a highly regarded talent, stands ready to step up in case of injury or other circumstances.

The quarterback controversy has been one of the most intriguing storylines in recent months. Although Steve Sarkisian named Ewers as the starting quarterback, there remains a possibility that Manning could assume the role later in the season. This dynamic adds an element of excitement and uncertainty to Texas' offensive strategy.

Improvement in Defense

The Big 12 conference has often been associated with a reputation for not prioritizing defense in its style of play. Texas, unfortunately, has contributed to reinforcing this perception in the college football world. In the past four seasons, their defense ranked 58th, 65th, 61st, and 99th, respectively. Although they showed improvement last season, ranking 28th, Texas must continue to enhance its defensive capabilities to compete for a playoff spot next season.

The Move to the SEC

Beyond the on-field factors, Texas' move to the SEC adds another dimension to their quest for a playoff berth. Joining the most competitive conferences in college football will test the Longhorns' mettle. However, it also presents an opportunity for Texas to elevate its profile and compete against top-tier programs regularly. Successfully navigating the transition and making a statement in their inaugural SEC season could significantly boost Texas' playoff chances.


The Texas Longhorns are determined to regain their status as a powerhouse in college football, and the 2023 season offers a potential breakthrough. To secure a spot in the College Football Playoff, Texas must claim the Big 12 title, maintain offensive consistency while navigating the quarterback controversy, improve their defense, and successfully transition to the SEC.

The Longhorns have the talent, coaching staff, and resources to make a strong push for the playoffs. As the season unfolds, fans and analysts alike will closely monitor Texas' performance, eagerly anticipating their journey toward college football glory.

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