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Lew Krausse, RIP: Inadvertent Co-Pioneer

Sports PhotoWhen notorious Athletics owner Charlie Finley suspended pitcher Krausse over a false accusation aboard a 1967 team flight, it inadvertently triggered an early look at what baseball players could earn on a fair, open market, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

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Well, That Took Long Enough

Sports PhotoMariners president Kevin Mather resigned over disparaging remarks he was revealed to have made about some of his players. SC’s Jeff Kallman says Mather’s history — especially of sexual misconduct — shouldn’t have gotten that far in the first place. Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Daytona Road Course

Sports PhotoChristopher Bell slipped by Joey Logano with two laps to go to capture the win at Daytona’s road course. It was NASCAR’s second first-time winner in two races this season. Denny Hamlin is atop the standings as the series heads to Homestead. Complete Story

Joel Embiid Putting the “Big” Back in NBA

Sports PhotoJoel Embiid, who has blossomed into a genuine superstar, has finally “grown out” of the injuries that informed his early career. Could this mean the first ring for the Sixers since the days of Dr. J? SC’s Anthony Brancato says don’t rule it out. Complete Story

All Star, No Substance?

Sports PhotoIt’s usually a cavalcade of pomp and circumstance, but the NBA All-Star Game will be a different experience this time around. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to understand if the celebration of talent should be happening in 2021. Complete Story

World’s Earliest Week 1 College Football Schedule, 2021

Sports PhotoAs he does each year, SC’s Kevin Beane gives the world the earliest Week 1 college football schedule. What conference is suddenly leaning hard into conference games? What SEC power is — gasp! — playing a true road game? Find out in this week’s edition of the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Daytona

Sports PhotoMichael McDowell came out on top in the fiery conclusion to the Daytona 500. Defending Cup champion Chase Elliott finished second, while Denny Hamlin led the most laps and finished third. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s power rankings! Complete Story

Is One and Done, Done?

Sports PhotoThe era of teams loaded with talented freshmen winning titles seems to be going away. SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the newest trend of program building that seems to be taking the college game over. Complete Story

Baseball Headed “Back to the Future?”

Sports PhotoBaseball’s owners want to tear a page from the past and roll back the regular season from 162 games to the “traditional” 154. They will have to get the union to agree to it, but SC’s Anthony Brancato doesn’t believe that should be overly difficult. Complete Story

They Have to Answer to Yogi

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says the GOATS in the talk since Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl ring don’t equal the 14 pennants and 10 World Series rings of Yogi Berra. Complete Story

NASCAR 2021: The Year in Preview

Sports PhotoWill Chase Elliott, backed by the “Woo-Hooters,” repeat as Cup champion in 2021? Does Michael Jordan’s “investment” in NASCAR include gambling money? Is the “Tony Stewart Sensitivity Training School” a good idea? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell answers. Complete Story

NFL Survives Pandemic; Better Days Ahead

Sports PhotoRoger Goodell can’t award himself the Lombardi Trophy, or for that matter, any trophy. But here’s why he does deserve major kudos for being the only sports commissioner to deliver a complete season. Complete Story

Mickey’s Monkey Business

Sports PhotoEx-Mets manager/current Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway’s lewdness to media women is called “the worst kept secret in baseball,” says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl LV

Sports PhotoTom Brady looks to hoard another Super Bowl ring, while Pat Mahomes and Chiefs look to stage an intervention. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the story, including biting kneecaps, a handy Robert Kraft reference, The Weeknd’s halftime performance (with special guests,) and a final prediction. Complete Story

Young Guns Poised to Save U.S. Tennis, 2021 Version

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane looks back at a 2015 article on American men’s future stars of tennis, and he also gives us a new batch of hopefuls in this week’s Slant Pattern. Complete Story

Why Must We Wait Two Weeks For Super Bowl?

Sports PhotoOnce again, we are all being forced to wait an extra week for the Super Bowl to be played — and for no good reason. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why this is one “tradition” that is not worth preserving. Complete Story

On Curt Schilling Wanting Off the HOF Ballot

Sports PhotoIf former pitching ace Curt Schilling really wants the Baseball Writers Association of America to remove him, SC’s Jeff Kallman says they should find a way to do it. Complete Story

Don Sutton, RIP: Craftsman (Har, Har)

Sports PhotoSC’s Jeff Kallman says farewell to the Hall of Fame right-hander Don Sutton who was nails on the mound in more ways than one. Complete Story

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