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NFL Strength of Schedule: 2021 vs. 2022

Sports PhotoIs your team playing a tougher schedule next season than they played this season, or an easier one? This chart, compiled by SC’s Anthony Brancato, provides answers. Complete Story

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The Joy of the Unexpected

Sports PhotoThe NBA regular season is at the halfway mark, and there are more surprises this year than in a typical campaign. SC’s Ross Lancaster takes a look at the biggest unforeseen developments since October. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Wild Card

Sports PhotoIt’s not close and a cigar for Joe Burrow and the Bengals against the Raiders, while things get “inflamed” in frigid Buffalo. Elsewhere, Tom Brady and the Bucs host the Eagles, the 49ers and Cowboys clash in Dallas, and Patrick Mahomes looks to uphold, and spell correctly, the family name. Complete Story

Thank You, Raiders, For Kicking That Field Goal

Sports PhotoAt the end of this week’s Chargers/Raiders game, all of social media implored the Raiders to take a knee for the tie on the final play of the game, and SC’s Kevin Beane found that revolting. He explains why in this week’s Slant Pattern column. Complete Story

The John Madden Trophy, and Who Should Win It

Sports PhotoThe NHL hands out a bewildering array of trophies at the end of every season. While SC’s Anthony Brancato is not advocating that the NFL go that route, there is one trophy that the NFL does need to add. Complete Story

Southern Invasion For the CFB National Title

Sports PhotoCan Alabama repeat again? Can Georgia shake off the shadows of the past? SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the game and shakes off the critics of the conference that once again features both title teams. Complete Story

What Does FIFA’s Climate Strategy Mean For Football?

Sports PhotoFIFA has pledged to cut its emissions by 50% by 2030 and reduce that number to zero by 2040. How does it plan on accomplishing this lofty goal? What does it mean for football and the sports world? Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 18

Sports PhotoThe Bears and Vikings race to see who can fire a coach faster, while officials grade Washington on the 10-point must system. The Chargers and Raiders battle for a playoff spot and Kyle Shanahan looks for “complete” trust in a quarterback. Complete Story

Sirianni, Hurts Lead Eagles to Playoffs

Sports PhotoNot given a chance of even being competitive despite having the NFL’s easiest schedule, the Philadelphia Eagles have clinched a playoff berth, and have done it with one game still to be played. SC’s Anthony Brancato attributes this to two moves to which most of the city’s fan base were vehemently opposed. Complete Story

MLB 2021: Wanted: A Laundromat

Sports PhotoBaseball’s dirty laundry needs to be cleaned up? You can be sure … if it’s Manfredhouse, says SC’s Jeff Kallman. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 17

Sports PhotoThe Chiefs face the Bengals and find out “who dey are,” while the Cards are an “American Underdog” at Dallas. Washington tries to overcome more “harassment” issues, the Packers look to maintain the No. 1 seed, and Mike Tomlin finds out what the Steelers are made of. It’s Week 17! Complete Story

Slant Pattern Flips Through the Channels

Sports PhotoIn this edition of the Slant Pattern, SC’s Kevin Beane surfs through his many sports channels, and invites you along for the ride, from pool to rodeo to previously aired games of mainstream sports. Complete Story

Huge Knockouts Dominate “Boxing Day”

Sports PhotoEven though the origin of Boxing Day has nothing to do with pugilism, you could have fooled five NFL teams, who delivered epic, knockout wins. SC’s Anthony Brancato gives a blow-by-blow account of them. Complete Story

How Will Replacement Players Affect the NBA?

Sports PhotoThe NBA’s current season is well underway, but it doesn’t look the same as before. SC’s Martin Banks breaks down how the NBA recently revised their rules for signing replacement players to learn what you can expect from the next few months. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 16

Sports PhotoAaron Rodgers looks to “intercept” Brett Favre’s Packers passing touchdown record, while the Bills face the Patriots. Brandon Staley loves analytics, Patrick Mahomes wishes his brother was never born, and the Cowboys realize it would be doomsday without their defense holding it down. Complete Story

Golf’s Top Players Get Their Wish

Sports PhotoDustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, and Xander Schauffele are among the PGA Tour players who have committed to play in the Saudi International tournament, an event that coincides with the PGA’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Complete Story

Why Those NFL Games Should’ve Been “Rained Out”

Sports PhotoInstead of three Week 15 games getting postponed for two days due to COVID, the NFL could have declared them “rainouts” to be made up in “Week 19” if necessary. SC’s Anthony Brancato pleads the case for why the league should have done just that. Complete Story

Why Curry’s Record is More Impressive Than You Think

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks at Steph Curry’s recent career three-point record and explains why it probably will stand for quite a while. He also looks at the NBA career record he sees as most untouchable. Complete Story

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