Ireland Continues to Produce Stars

Ireland has been the home of many world-class sports stars over the years, but one area in which they have excelled is combat sports. In recent years, Ireland has produced leading talent in the world of boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts, with Connor McGregor, Barry McGuigan, Carl Frampton, Katie Taylor, Steve Collins, and Becky Lynch being fine examples. It is a stereotype that the Irish like to fight and that has nothing to do with the success of the country in combat sports. So, what are the reasons Ireland continue to produce great combat stars?

Rich History of Combat Sports

There is a rich history of combat sports in Ireland, with many fighters achieving worldwide fame. From Michael Carr, who is one of the most decorated amateur boxers of all-time, to Katie Taylor, who is the current holder of the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO, and The Ring female light-welterweight titles, there is plenty of history. Such has been the success of men and women in boxing other combat sports, there are youngsters growing up in Ireland who want to emulate their heroes. Barry McGuigan is a fine example, and he is one of the most famous boxers to ever come out of Ireland. People look up to famous sports starts and dream to be like them, which is why Ireland have produced many combat sports stars over the years.

Connor McGregor and Katie Taylor will be heroes for youngsters right now and this will encourage the young people of Ireland to start combat sports. When Taylor fights, she is often the overwhelming favourite to win and you can back her to win her next fight at William Hill Ireland.

Sense of Community

Many cities and towns in Ireland have gyms and this is where sportsmen and women go, not only to participate in combat sports, but also to meet likeminded people. There is a sense of community and camaraderie in the gyms around Ireland, with fans of combat sport meeting to not only participate in sport, but to talk and enjoy each other's company. The combat gyms around Ireland promote a positive and supportive environment, where anyone, regardless of their social background, will receive guidance and encouragement. Combat sports have had a positive impact on many lives in Ireland and that is one of the reasons why the country has produced world-class fighters across a range of sports.

Proud to be Irish

Combat sports stars are proud to be Irish and will show their affection for their country when they are competing. Becky Lynch has enjoyed many entrances for the WWE waving an Irish flag as she approached the ring. Connor McGregor is another fighter who has made entrances to the octagon with the Irish flag around his shoulders. This endears them to the people watching at home and they become fans of the individual rather than someone who is watching only for the joy of the sport. The more fans combat stars have in Ireland, the more likely some of those fans will want to try the sport and become a combat sport superstar themselves in the future.

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