Is Modern NFL Becoming Too Soft?

With player safety at an all-time high in terms of its importance around the NFL, there are some who believe it is becoming "too soft." It perhaps does not help the league when ex-players, including those with a global reputation like Tom Brady, publicly come out with that particular opinion.

Over the years, there have been numerous changes to the way that players are allowed to tackle to ensure each individual is able to leave the gridiron in the best way possible. There has been a ban on helmet-to-helmet tackles, which has helped to reduce the number of concussion injuries. At the same time, the quarterback is arguably padded with so much protection that officials will often throw a flag for roughing the passer when it is debatable at best.

The NFL has banned low tackles recently, too, but they could go further as they continue to talk about plans to outlaw hip-drop tackle. Statistics have suggested that there is a 25% greater chance of injury being experienced because of this type of tackle in comparison to other tackles that are made.

There has been a pushback on the discussions

While nobody wants to see a player leave the field because of an injury, there has been growing concerns among fans and even some players that the game is becoming "too soft." Players understand that the game is a physical contact sport, and often understand the risks that are associated with playing football. They recognize that an injury can happen and that it is just part of the game.

Some believe that the rule changes and the banning of certain actions can have a negative impact on the overall product. It is often argued that the modern game is not what football should be, with some even turning off and deciding to watch something else. Those who like to wager on the games that are played by using the best NFL betting offers that are available have started to consider their moves more, as the banning of tackles can have an impact on how a game is played. Defenses are now more likely to be penalized, which could lead an offense to move further up the field, thus giving them a scoring advantage.

Is the NFL in a lose-lose situation?

The adage "damned if you do and damned if you don't" perhaps never felt as true as it does for the NFL now. While player safety must be considered a priority, the continual changes and banning of certain moves are only likely to damage the overall outlook on football for fans.

If they did not like the contact aspect, then they would likely watch flag football, especially as it has been announced as a sporting event that will take place at the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Many like the rough and tumble that football has, with the hard hits being part of the game that many get amped up about, whether they are playing or watching.

Injuries are just part of the game and can be an unfortunate consequence. While we never want to see a player leave the field through injury, it is something that happens and is accepted by those who play.

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