Prezzy Card: The Next Huge Deal

The rise of technological advancements gave birth to innovative and more convenient ways to go through life. It goes the same in the online gambling industry. Way back a decade, payment options were constrained to just traditional methods like credit cards and other bank cards. But now, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets make it easier for New Zealanders.

What's even more convenient is the launch of a prepaid card for payment purposes on a gambling site. This is when the Prezzy card comes to light as an emerging payment option with greater security. Continue reading on to understand Prezzy cards' particulars. First, let us express our utmost appreciation to the Betpokies team, specifically to John Gold, for their arduous research efforts that contributed to the creation of this post.

What is a Prezzy Card?

Visa powers the Prezzy pre-paid card, which was introduced in 2006. Visa is widely utilized for transactions throughout many channels because it is renowned for its secure and reliable payment processing. A promise of security and reliable transaction goes with the Prezzy card because Visa owns it. It reduces the worry of being overpaid or duped. In addition to this, you are not required to provide any private information or financial information while completing the payment. Simply load up the Prezzy card with money, use it to stump up at a casino website as long as it goes with the gambling regulations and laws, and the precise amount will be taken out.

Recently, MasterCard became a part of the Prezzy card's powering system, meaning you now have more financing alternatives to select from when using your Prezzy card.

How Does It Work?

The Prezzy Card is essentially a prepaid card that can be utilized for online shopping. It's either you're giving it as a present or spending it at your preferred casino sites. Ensure that Visa payments are accepted everywhere you choose to play. Simply buy the card and add credit to it -- both transactions must be made in New Zealand Dollars.

The card operates similarly to a credit card. You will have the option of shopping online, offline, over the cellphone, or even through the mail. As it may be used for so many different things, it is an absolute necessity.

Charges & Commissions

There are different charges and fees you should take note of when using a Prezzy card:

You must pay a regular cost of NZ$5.95 for each Prezzy Card when you first buy one. The service limits the number of cards ordered at once to 30.
There is a NZ$7.50 postage and handling fee if you choose to purchase your voucher via mail.

New Zealanders will be billed NZ$10 for replacement cards in the event of loss or theft, while gamers from other countries will be charged NZ$50.
3.5% of the translated New Zealand Dollar amount will be added to any foreign exchange purchases made with your card.

Moreover, the merchant charges and other expenses related to one-time credit card betting transactions are covered by a credit card utility charge.

How to Make a Deposit Using Prezzy

You'll have to activate and authenticate your Prezzy card in order to deposit money into your betting shop. After completing this, you'll be eligible to deposit money right into your casino bankroll. Remember that a single card can only carry a value of NZ$25 to NZ$1,000. To use a prepaid card like Prezzy, several gambling sites will reward New Zealanders with incentives.

Prezzy Withdrawal Procedure

Regrettably, Prezzy Card users who play at online casinos won't be allowed to deposit their profits into the card. Paying with a card is the only option available. This is true even if you have a Prezzy card that is a Visa or MasterCard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Prezzy Cards

* Immediate deposits.
* Wide availability among local shops in New Zealand.
* It lets players establish restrictions on the amount of money that can be used at a casino website.
* It offers a risk-free and secure means of making payments.
* It can be utilized at any casino accepting Visa or Mastercard.
* Worldwide use and obtained in New Zealand dollars.

* Unable to process withdrawals.
* It has a NZ$1,000 per card cap.
* The money on the card will be lost if it expires.

Final Thoughts

Prezzy card is a great alternative for New Zealanders who play at online casinos since it offers a quick way to make deposits of actual cash and is accepted wherever they accept Visa and Mastercard payments.

Gambling can be addictive and a destructive habit. If you or your loved one is suffering from a gambling problem, kindly seek help by calling the Gambling Helpline: 0800 654 655.

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