Texas Online Gambling Must Wait

It is a bummer that while other states are realizing the essence of legalizing online gambling and sports betting, Texas online gambling must wait until 2025. It's already known that proposals supporting online gambling and sports betting did not pass the Texas legislature. However, recently, two gambling proposals got some votes in the legislature, and that shows that several people are thinking of how beneficial it would be to head in that direction.

With these current results, online gambling seems likely to be legalized, but a significant obstacle remains in the person of Governor Dan Patrick. Would online gambling be legalized during his term or after he leaves office?

The Issue on Ground

A bill in the Texas House permitted voters to decide if they want to allow sports betting and online gambling through their mobile devices. For the proposal to pass, it needed only 100 votes, and 101 people voted in favor of the bill, clearly showing that both the House lawmakers and conservative Republicans are now, more than ever, open to spreading the tentacles of gambling in Texas.

However, the legislation's decision only holds a little water by itself. For the bill to be passed into law, it must be approved by the Texas Senate, spearheaded by Governor Dan Patrick. A second bill designed to allow Texans to vote on casino gambling did not pass the House, but with 92 out of the required 100 votes, it had tremendously better support than previous bills ever.

With the results from both bills, they have garnered enough momentum to make it to the 2025 legislative session, and there is no harm in hoping that these bills would pass the House.

Will Online Gambling Be Legalized in Texas?

From the looks of it, there is reason to remain hopeful that Texas online gambling will be legalized sooner or later. Several prominent figures in Texas, including Jerry Jonas, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and Mark Cuban, have disclosed their immense support for Texas online gambling. The gambling bills haven't passed through the House due to the opposition from some state lawmakers. At this point, legalizing online gambling in Texas will remain unvisited until 2025, so keep your hope alive until then.

What Does it Take For Online Gambling to Be Legalized in Texas?

All the efforts from lawmakers and lobbyists to legalize online gambling in Texas have to count for something, at least, right? But the fact remains that online gambling isn't yet legal in Texas. It would take an amendment to the Texas State constitution to make online gambling legal in Texas. Before the bill is presented to voters, the state constitution requires the state legislature in both chambers to have at least two-thirds approval so that voters can decide on a constitutional referendum.

A two-thirds majority is a high bar in some American states, and in Texas' 31-member Senate, it would mean about 21 votes if they are intent on making that decision. However, Texas bettors mustn't lose hope because the legalization of online gambling in the state is supported by several lobbyists, professional teams and their owners, and lawmakers from both parties.

What Are Some Offshore Sportsbooks Available in Texas?

While it is illegal to register and operate online gambling sites in Texas, you can play on other accessible offshore sites. Some of these online sportsbooks that come highly recommended are listed below:

Ducky Luck Casino
Red Dog Casino
Bovada Casino
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there casinos in Texas?

Although Texas still prohibits casino gambling, the federal Indian Gaming laws supersede these prohibitions. With that being the case, three federally-recognized Texas tribes operate their casinos in alignment with the U.S. Indian Gaming Regulation, giving Texans bettors opportunities to let off steam.

What was gambling like in Texas' early years?

Gambling was one of the many activities frowned upon in early Texas society. It was considered to be in the same tier as opium and peyote abuse, excessive drinking, and sex work. From indulging excessively in these wild activities, Texas was dubbed the "No Messin" or "Bad Boy" titles.

When did gambling become illegal in Texas?

Almost all forms of gambling, including pari-mutuel wagering, were outlawed in Texas in 1903. One of the significant consequences of that declaration was that the Texas State Fair and Rodeo, which had focused on horse racing for almost two decades, shut down. The result of this was that gambling and sports betting options were limited for Texans.

When was horse betting legalized in Texas?

Horse betting, or pari-mutuel, was legalized in 1933 to curtail the adverse economic effects of the Great Depression in the 1930s.

What is pari-mutuel betting?

Pari-mutuel, or mutual betting, is a type of betting that allows bettors to pool their stakes together. Once the bookmaker's fee and taxes have been extracted, the payoff odds are divided among those with winning bets.


Yes, limited betting options are open to bettors in Texas, but there is room for expansion. And so, we are slowly counting the days until online gambling is legalized in Texas, and we do not doubt that the Texan bettors themselves would be the happiest when the bill is passed into law. With that development, it would be unnecessary for bettors to travel to other states to wager, and with online gambling, they can stake their bets on their favorite sports without stepping outside their homes. Plus, who knows, several more jobs could be created for Texans once this happens. But for now, we keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best in 2025.

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